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Understanding how bad breath works

Understanding how bad breath works
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We know bad breath as a manifestation of one of the most common clinic diseases known as periodontitis. And this is one of the most recurrent motives that patients comes to our office and ask for consult. Periodontal disease is a problem that has many causes, it can be to external or internal factors of the patient.

One of the internal causes is thanks to the metabolism of the numerous oral bacteria in the mouth. Looking more closely and being more specific anaerobic bacteria in the saliva and other parts of the mouth. When these bacteria acts on the debris of the mouth, like food for example, they can produce acidic substance that are capable of create a really nasty smell in your mouth, hence, causing bad breath.

This bad taste and smell of the mouth is usually a close companion of periodontal disease. This can occurs especially if the patient doesn’t have good oral hygiene habits. Halitosis can be also part of the picture if the patient has some inflammation and pus when the dentist presses on the gums.

But bad breath can be caused by other pathologies like problems in the nose, lungs, tonsils, and overall the respiratory system. These can cause complications in the body that can originate bad smell in the mouth. Metabolic disorders such as diabetes can also be responsible for bad breath.

It is pretty common that patients can’t perceive their own bad breath. In some occasions this lack of perception makes that the bad breath continues over time without realizing what’s wrong. We strongly recommend that you seek a dentist to be evaluated and check for periodontitis or other causes. If this is the case, then the correct step to take is to be referred to a periodontist to treat the problem.


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Tips to avoid bad breath


One advice to avoid bad breath is to never ignore your oral hygiene routine. You can start by brushing your teeth every day at least two times a day. After you are done, you can complement with using dental floss and mouthwash to rinse and clean your mouth from bacteria and plaque.


Another way to avoid bad breath is to change your diet a little bit. Avoid drinking too much alcohol and coffee and you should be fine, this also helps to conserve your teeth white and healthy because these drinks tend to stain them pretty badly too. Another food you should be worry about to consume is sugar because it tends to rot the teeth and cause diseases like dental cavities.


But personally I think most of the common causes of bad breath in American society are cigarettes. Smoking can mess up your respiratory system and your breath too. Cigarettes stain and wear down your teeth over time and leave out that nasty smell. If you don’t stop in time you can get it stuck forever. And let’s not even go further into details about other consequences from smoking, like gingivitis and cancer.

You can get rid of the stench and the yellow teeth using some whitening treatment and over the counter products. But the damage is certainly done. Your teeth, your mouth and health are never going to be what they used to be, so I recommend quitting smoking today if you want to have that perfect smile that you see on movies and TV. Bear in mind that smoking also leads to teeth loss, so to treat that you will be spending more money than just buyin toothpaste and mouthwash.

That’s it for today, I hope you find this article useful and see you next time! Remember to visit your dentist twice a year to maintain that beautiful smile healthy.

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