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Everything you need to know about dental crowns

Everything you need to know about dental crowns
April 10th, 2021 | Blog | Comments Off on Everything you need to know about dental crowns

Hello friends, I hope you are very well taking care of yourself at home, welcome back. Today I will teach you all about dental crowns. What are the best materials and their procedure. Many patients ask me this in the office and that is why I want to help all of them solve their doubts. It is also important to know about dental procedures to lose fear of the dentist.

There are many dental treatments, but crowns are undoubtedly one of the most popular. This is because they are very versatile and can solve many problems. Also coming in different sizes they adapt perfectly to any budget. If you want to fix your smile, we recommend you go for this treatment. However, it is mandatory that you do them in a good dental clinic.

The best dental crowns in Los Algodones Mexico

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No matter what treatment you require, we have you covered. From veneers, crowns, to partials and bridges. We also do dental cleanings, whitening, and orthodontics. Our strong point is dental implants. So if you want to take your smile to the next level, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with us.

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How dental crowns work

Crowns in short are a hat or cap that is placed over the tooth to improve its aesthetic appearance. It is normally used for the teeth of patients that are in poor condition. It is important that the base of the tooth is in good condition in order to start the procedure. The materials used need to be resistant to mimic the consistency and feel of natural teeth.

Treatment begins with the dentist filing the tooth in question. The tooth is reduced enough to fit the crown perfectly. There is no going back from this treatment, so the patient will wear the crown for a long time. Another option is to remove the tooth completely and place implants. But that will be a topic for another blog. Usually it is extracted, local anesthesia is used so that the patient feels absolutely nothing while they work on it.

If the nerve has been previously removed from the tooth, a post is placed to help support the crown. However, in the case of dental implants, the implant uses an abutment to support it. The time it takes to make dental crowns varies according to the material, the quantity and the laboratory. Normally in 3 to 5 days the patient will obtain their crowns without any problem. Now let’s talk about the materials.

What material to choose?

Choosing the ideal material for your crown may sound difficult but we will make it easier for you. There are several criteria to consider and the first is the budget. If you have a limited budget, we recommend going with metal with porcelain. These are the cheapest on the market and hold up very well. They can last 10 years if properly cared for.

It is a metal crown, made of noble metal, nothing toxic. It is coated with porcelain to make it look like a natural tooth. The downside is that it can break if you don’t take care of it, and the metallic line below can give you away. It is ideal for molars since that part will not be seen. If you have a little more money then full porcelain crowns are for you.

Porcelain is perfect for replacing teeth since its consistency and duration is the closest to natural teeth. However if you want the best then zirconia will not disappoint you. It is a more resistant and looks very pretty on patients. Among the three we recommend porcelain and zirconia for a high duration and moderate use. They can last more than 10 years easily and they look great.

How to take care of your dental crowns

Now, since you have your crown, it is time to take care of them. You don’t want them to last a year or two so follow these tips. The first thing is to practice good mental hygiene, as they can be easily damaged by tartar and plaque. Brush your teeth every day and use mouthwash to avoid illness and bad breath. Just because your teeth aren’t natural doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of them.

With good dental hygiene you will prevent your dental crowns from staining. Avoid drinking a lot of sodas, alcohol, and coffee as you normally would. The key is in moderation and not overdoing it. Similarly, the same advice applies to tobacco. It damages your teeth easily so avoid smoking excessively.

Another habit that you should take care of is biting hard things. Many patients trust themselves and bite whatever they find. Bones, ice, candy, are some examples of foods that can break your crown. So be careful and avoid this behavior if you want your crown to last a long time. For patients who tend to grind their teeth, I advise a mouth guard at night to avoid damage to their crowns.

This has been all for today, I hope you liked it. See you next week with a new article and more dental tips!

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