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4 reasons why All-on-4 is the best choice

4 reasons why All-on-4 is the best choice
April 22nd, 2016 | Blog | No comments

Regardless of reasons, any form of dental loss is worrisome; a patient has to cope with some nasty side-effects such as having to avoid certain foods, being self-conscious of their smile, and even suffering from bone loss. Dental restoration isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about health and wellbeing. In our daily practice here in Los Algodones we have seen some amazing turnabouts, a dental procedure can change people’s life for the better. Our resident expert Dr. Xochipili Bojorquez has brought new hope and renewed wellbeing to more than a hundred people using the All-on-4 procedure.

Some say that All-on-4s and All-on-6s have changed the way we do dentistry and dental restorations on patients with missing teeth; but what are the reasons?

It lasts a lifetime

A denture supported by an All-on-4 procedure is meant to last a lifetime, recent research has shown that the success rate after a 10 year span is well over 96%; that is, only 4 patients out of a 100 will need additional work within ten years of getting the treatment. Compared to other solutions like mini-implants or removable dentures, the number is extraordinary.

It’s done in a single day

One cannot begin to count the reasons why this is an amazing perk. While other procedures might take several sessions or even weeks of work; an All-on-4 can be done in a single sitting. Afterwards the patient will only need to go to the dentist a few months after the treatment to replace the temporary dentures with a custom made one that will last a lifetime.

It doesn’t require additional procedures

Full implant work can only be done if there is enough bone to place and hold the implants, if that’s not the case, then a previous bone graft is needed to transplant enough to support the process. All-on-4s and All-on-6s sidestep this issue by placing 4 (or 6 implants) directly in areas with plenty of bone to support the denture. Keep in mind that in some very rare cases a bone transplant might be needed, but this would only reasonably occur in very extreme cases.

It prevents bone loss

The biggest issue with temporary dentures such as bridges is that it doesn’t prevent bone loss. The lack of a teeth roots and the pressure exerted by the denture as you bite deteriorate the bone area, slowing eroding it. On the other hand, implants such as All-on-4s and All-on-6s act as “artificial roots” absorbing and distributing part of the pressure along the jawline, protecting your bones and preventing loss.

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