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4 Ways To Update Your Company Uniform

4 Ways To Update Your Company Uniform
March 10th, 2021 | Dental Blog | No comments

It’s hard to update your company uniform, especially if most of your employees already have existing ones that don’t seem to have any issues. They may be reluctant to switch to new uniforms because it can be costly, and the fitting and waiting for supply takes a lot of time. However, making changes to the current dress code can significantly impact the performance of your employees.  

You should identify the pros and cons of changing your company wardrobe. Is your current uniform design outdated? Is there anything you can improve or change? Ask yourself these questions so you can pick the right uniform for your company.  

Most healthcare professionals who wear scrubs may seem like they don’t have much to change with their uniforms. However, small tweaks, such as changing the fit or adding pockets, can greatly help anyone who’ll wear it. 

That being said, here are four ways to update your company uniform:

  • Choose The Right Scrubs 

One problem medical staff usually encounter when wearing their scrubs is the fact that it may be odd fitting. Most sets sold in the market have standard sizes, which may not always fit nicely on a person’s body. Some clothes for men can be too tight on the arms and shoulders, while the ones for women look too baggy.  

If you want to update your company uniform for your employees’ benefit, you should consider how you can provide clothes that fit. Make sure that the scrubs for your medical staff aren’t too wide or too tight. Ill-fitting garments can hinder them from working comfortably, so make sure you purchase the right sizes and fit, such as those available at keswi.com.  

Also, check if the material is comfortable and if it doesn’t wear quickly. It’s best to pick a type of scrub that’ll last for a long time so you don’t have to frequently purchase new uniforms. Pick materials that aren’t irritating on the skin since your staff will wear the uniform for long hours during their shift. Ensure that it can also absorb sweat and keep the wearer cool, even on a hot day.  

Healthcare professionals often have a hectic schedule where they’re always moving around. They don’t have a lot of time to change clothes, and it can be difficult to focus on tasks when they have to worry about their sweat running down all over their body. Your employees will highly appreciate a comfortable uniform that fits well. It’ll also contribute to how productive your staff will be, so be sure to think about which one will work best for them.  

  • Stick To A Color Scheme 

The scrubs used by medical workers usually come in various designs and colors. Picking a color scheme for your staff will help create a more harmonious look for your company. Although it may seem like a minimal adjustment, it can have a big impact on how you run your health facility.  

For example, you can assign colors to the dental staff based on their job. This may help patients distinguish between dentists and their assistants. Most health workers on duty usually wear a mask while working, and their faces can’t be seen clearly by their patients and colleagues. Picking a color as a uniform will help familiarize them with those who’ll visit the dentist’s office.  

This can be helpful, especially if you’re treating a lot of kids since they can get too scared when going for a dental check-up. Pick colors that are easy to the eyes, like light blue or mint green, to make your staff look more approachable.  

You can also go with your furniture and office’s color scheme so your medical staff’s uniform will match your medical facility’s overall atmosphere.  

  • Consider A Uniform With Pockets 

Anyone who works as a healthcare staff usually carries many things with them as they assist patients and perform their duties. They have pens, phones, small notebooks, and other critical tools to treat patients in their pockets.  

There are times when they can’t take a break to grab something, so having plenty of pockets in their uniforms will help make their workday flow more efficiently. A standard scrub usually has one to two pockets on the top and two on the pants. You can also find others that have smaller compartments for items like a key card or sticky notes.  

When updating your company uniform, try to see how it’ll be used on a typical day. You can also ask your employees if their current scrub design works for them or if they want something that has more compartments. In the end, it won’t hurt to have enough pockets on the top and bottom pieces of your scrubs. 

  • Match The Tops And Pants  

Although most scrubs come in pairs, you should still advise all your staff who are wearing uniforms to match their tops and pants. Medical workers usually take shifts at work, so it’s difficult for them to stick to a rigorous uniform schedule.  

Medical workers usually mix and match their uniforms, especially when they only have a few pairs left for the week. Some may use printed tops with plain pants, while others can just wear whatever is available.  

If you want to standardize all your employees’ uniforms, you should set guidelines they can follow when wearing their scrubs. Inform them of the do’s and don’ts when wearing their clothes. Can they wear ones that the company didn’t provide? Are there restrictions on what prints or colors they can pick for their uniforms? By asking these questions to set rules, all your staff’s appearance will look more well-put-together. 

You can also try to assign what they’ll wear depending on the day of the week. For instance, they can wear any shade of blue on Mondays and Tuesdays, green for the next two days. For the rest of the week, they can pick what color they want to wear, as long as they follow the guidelines you have for uniforms. This way, your employees will still have the freedom to choose their clothes.  

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Final Thoughts 

Most medical professionals spend most of their time at work wearing scrubs. Although they don’t have much choice with what they wear since it comes with the profession, it still helps to give them options. Small tweaks in their uniforms, such as picking better designs or thinking about the clothes’ functionality, can do wonders for your staff.


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