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Allon4 the ultimate solution for missing teeth

Allon4 the ultimate solution for missing teeth
January 26th, 2020 | Blog, procedures | No comments

Dental implants are by far the most popular solution for replacing teeth. It may be some of the most expensive treatment in dental. In reality you can save more money if you go to Dental Solutions in Los Algodones Mexico. If you are interest in seeing a great implantologist make your appointment now! We have excellent prices and deals for dental implants including the Allon4!

The Allon4 treatment is regarded as one of the most popular an effective. It uses 4 implants to support a full denture. In the past, people had the fear of getting implants because they were too heavy, painful and difficult to get. Patients had to endure hours in the chair to get 6 or 8 implants in one arch. For today’s standards it is too much.


Allon4 pinpointed the magic number of enough implant to support a permanent denture. It turns out that 4 implant is more than enough and thanks to today’s technology, it is far easier, painless and quicker.


How the Allon4 is done


The dentist begins with an evaluation. For this step it is necessary a CT scan which will tell us if the patient has enough bone in their jaws to support the implants. If that is not the case then a bonegraft is needed. But if everything is okay then the procedure will begin. The implantologist will use a special drill that will accurately put the implants in place.

Then the temporary dentures are set. It is important that they fit perfectly because the patient has to wear them for 6 months approximately. After healing the patient can come back finally to get the permanent denture.


It is important to note that during the healing period the implants cannot support any kind of force or weight. Otherwise they will fail, so it is necessary to follow every instruction that your dentist tells you. 

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