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An useful briefing on dental hygiene

An useful briefing on dental hygiene
January 18th, 2021 | Blog | No comments

Hello dear readers, welcome to the next level of this awesome blog! We are changing some things this year to help you get the most of your dental hygiene. This will be our starting point to teach you de best dental routine tips you can start doing today. Let’s see what habits are essential in order to get beautiful white teeth.


But first, let’s start with the mentality. Many patients who come to the clinic refers that they have a hard time brushing their teeth consistently. This is really important because it all starts with the correct mindset. You got to commit to the idea that if you do not take care of your teeth, nobody will.


To put thing in perspective, dental treatment costs go higher the worse the state of your teeth are. What this mean is that if you take care of your teeth, you will spend less at the dentist. Besides we all know that our smile plays a huge role in how people perceive us and our self-esteem. That said, let’s see how to create an efficient dental hygiene routine.


Dental Hygiene basics


The basic for a good dental hygiene is to clean your teeth every day. Most patient who ruin their teeth fail to do so, the do not clean their teeth daily. Another common mistake is that they only clean them once a day. This is very bad because you want to clean them at least twice a day. Even so you reduce your chances of suffering dental diseases if you clean them 3 times a day as suggested.


How to brush your teeth


For starters, you want to brush your teeth after every meal. Grab a soft bristle toothbrush and apply toothpaste to start scrubbing your teeth. Use slow and gentle movements, starting up and down. Vertical motions are better for your dental health than horizontal ones. This will help you to take care of the enamel and clean better. After that you can complement with horizontal and circular motions.


Do not forget to also brush your tongue and inner sides of your cheeks. Remember food debris can also deposit there. Speaking of food debris do not neglect your gums too, they also need to be brushed daily in order to keep them healthy. Do this 3 times a day and you will avoid bad breath and gingivitis.


After brushing you ought to use dental floss to also get rid of debris stuck between your teeth. This will avoid dental cavities as those pesky food pieces stuck rot away and affect your teeth. Finish it up with mouthwash and rinse away all the bacteria and germs. This is the foundation of a good dental care routine but there is so much you can still improve.


Your dental hygiene is waht you eat


Other mistakes I observe in lots of patients are their diet. In order to have a healthy body you got to eat healthy too. The exact same is applied to your teeth, you need to eat right to have perfect teeth. A balanced diet is important for strong healthy teeth, so consume fruits, vegetable, proteins and carbs all alike. You need every vitamin and nutrients available in the food.


If you have a sweet tooth, try to tone down because sugar is really bad for your teeth. It causes most of dental problems such as cavities, bad breath, gingivitis and more. One thing I cannot suggest enough is to drink lots of water. The reason behind this is to produce saliva, which is a natural teeth cleanser. Besides, dry mouth can also cause many dental diseases.


While in the topic of food I have to bring to the table coffee, alcohol and tobacco. These habits can ruin your teeth in the long run. I am not saying that you should quit but you have to be really careful with them if you want a good dental hygiene. They can stain your teeth and even cause tooth loss if you do them in excess.


Do you want a beautiful smile? You need a dentist!

Stitched Panorama


Practicing good oral care at home is really good for a beautiful smile, but it is not the end of it. it is impossible to have perfect teeth solely by just doing all of the above. You need the help of a professional in order to be a healthy patient. This is where a dentist comes to the picture. I cannot stress enough how important is to have regular checkups and cleaning.


You cannot ignore your dental health and a dentist can do wonders for your teeth. Schedule an appointment twice a year or every six months at least rather than just going when tragedy strikes. I know dentists can be expensive but we got the solution for that.


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