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How anxiety can affect your dental health

How anxiety can affect your dental health
August 13th, 2017 | Blog | No comments

Be careful! Anxiety can affect our dental health if you don’t pay enough attention to some signals. Patients with anxiety can develop certain habits that can harm your teeth in the long run. When we feel anxious or stress out we tend to create tension in our body. Teeth do not escape from this. That is why today we are going to study some of the effects and consequences that anxiety brings to the table


Why we feel anxious in the first place?


There are many reasons why a person can feel anxious or stressed. It can be from college, work or even relationships. In some special cases t can be a condition like OCD or GAD. In these cases, it can be a little difficult to face and work to solve it, but it is not impossible with the right mindset. Worrying about life can create a really bad mood and state of mind. So if you aren’t careful enough it can cause some really bad results in your mouth.


At first if you are new to feeling anxious it can feel very daunting indeed. But it is really important that you keep your head up and stay positive. Everything in life passes and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. I suggest that you focus on the things that make you happy to avoid suffering and making your teeth pay.


What can anxiety cause to your teeth?


Teeth grinding

As I said above at the beginning, Anxiety can wreck your teeth. The muscle tension that builds up in the jaw can make you grind your teeth without noticing. Although in most cases patients do this consciously, the results are the same. The excessive grinding will end up wearing down your teeth and you tooth enamel.


To solve this I suggest that you pay a visit to your dentist to ask for a night guard. With one, you can wear it at night when going to sleep to avoid damaging your teeth even further. Here at Dental Solutions at Los Algodones we have excellent prices for night guards. So if you need one you can come to us and we will be more than glad to help you.




Many patients that suffer from anxiety tend to smoke a lot to relieve it  and shake off stress. While it can work sometimes for some patients, in the end is a self-destructing habit that can cost you your teeth in the long run. And let’s not even mention all the diseases that comes with this nasty habit like gingivitis and cancer.


If you love yourself try to quit as soon as possible. Trust me on this one, it’s not worth it. To help you quit smoking I tend to recommend sugarless chewing gum and nicotine patches. I have seen it work wonderfully in the past. And in Los Algodones pharmacies you can get them at great prices too!


Bad diet


In some cases anxiety patients can develop the habit of eating too much. And if they have a sweet tooth this can be a major problem. And that is because of sugar, which as you may know by now, it can ruin your teeth lighting fast. If you consume too much sugar it can develop dental caries in the long run. And this is something that can be applied to alcohol too, try to tone it down if this is your case.


Laziness at oral health


This is surprisingly a common one. Patients that live with anxiety tend to become lazy or to abandon healthy grooming like brushing and flossing. If you sum up all this habits that comes with anxiety you will lose all your teeth. That is why I want to pledge to your consciousness and show you that there some consequences that can end up really bad for your teeth.


Finally I encourage you to seek help of a therapist to solve your anxiety. Don’t feel ashamed or depressed about it. Seek the help of a professional and you will be in very good hands and smiling once again. And your teeth will look fantastic in the process.

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