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Are dental implants really as painful as people think?

Are dental implants really as painful as people think?
December 1st, 2015 | Blog | No comments

It’s a common belief that getting dental implants involves a great deal of pain; people often think of discomfort, swollen cheeks and sleepless nights when they imagine what dental aftercare is like. While some procedures may prove uncomfortable, and outright painful, no two procedures are alike, for example, patients often report that an extraction is usually more painful than a dental implant; in fact, most patients believe that an implant is usually “mildly uncomfortable”. This is especially true when you get your treatment done by a team of professionals with access to the latest technology, such as the care you can expect from Los Algodones.

Why is an extraction more painful?, well, there are two reasons for that, first, when a tooth needs to be extracted chances are that there is at least a small infection in the area, which in turn causes swelling and pain, the second reason is psychological in nature, an extraction is similar to an amputation in the sense that a body part is removed from the body, and we are psychologically predisposed to protect ourselves, so a removal, which is perceived as an aggression, tends to be more painful and leads to greater discomfort. In turn, a dental implant or bone grafts are perceived as a “healing” process in which the treatment actually improves our condition, not only that, but the treatment is done in a healthy area of the mouth previously prepared by the dentist, so it logically follows that the process in general is a lot less traumatic.

A lot of potential suffering can be eased by the support of your doctor, studies have shown time and again that, an empathic and comprehensive staff provides the psychological support necessary to ease the patien’s worries and pain. Likewise, with adequate planning and contingencies in place, the discomfort can be brought down to minimal levels. This is the reason why we take great pride in our staff , not only are we  experts with more than a decade of experience in dental health, but we want to you to feel as safe and as comfortable as you feel at your home, in our clinic we understand the healing power of a smile.

You can put your worries to rest, aftercare pain tends be minimal with dental implants or bone grafts, in fact, most over the counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen or Tylenol are perfect to deal with the discomfort; and, as a final piece of advice,  keep a positive attitude, tell yourself that the small discomfort you are feeling after the procedure will be gone in a couple of days, but your dental health will carry on forever.


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