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Avoid teeth stains! What you may be doing wrong

August 14th, 2018 | Blog | No comments

Hello guys! Hope you had a fantastic weekend just like me. Let’s discuss a topic a get asked a lot by so many patients. Our smile is so important to us because not only shows our dental health, but it is a compliment on our looks. A pretty white smile can make or break how people perceives us or our own self esteem. That is why I want to talk about how to avoid those pesky teeth stains that can ruin our precious teeth.


Frist we have to know a little about tooth’s anatomy. It is very simple what it is important to today’s matter. The tooth is covered by a film called enamel. The enamel is what gives our teeth that shiny pearly look and protects its exterior from bacteria and such. On its surface you can find little pours, and those pours are what are affected by stains. Teeth stains occur mostly because certain substances clog those pours.


It can be so sad to ruin perfectly aligned teeth with yellow stains. And in most cases it can be avoided with just good habits on dental hygiene. But what I have noticed is that eating habits play a huge role in teeth stains. So it is always a good idea to watch what we eat so our teeth do not suffer the consequences.


Beware of certain drinks


Liquids are the most harmful for our teeth. They can stain them very easily as they can enter contact with them and are harder to rinse. Besides, most soft drinks have preservatives and artificial coloring that leave stains in no time. Sodas, wine and coffee are the most common culprits for most yellow teeth I have ever seen. Try to avoid them and opt for natural options if you can.


Regarding other foods, candies are a lot of trouble too. Same as before, artificial coloring and preservatives are the reason for teeth stains, but sugar can do a lot of harm too. If you sum up all the above with bad dental hygiene, then your teeth are in a lot of trouble. Leaving residues set in your teeth enamel can stain them so badly that you will need whitening to gain them back.

How to avoid teeth stain


The most important thing to do is to brush your teeth. Aim for 2 times a day, especially after meals so your teeth are fresh and clean all the time. Using dental floss afterward and mouthwash will be the cherry on top for a white smile. Remember that yellow teeth can bring with them a foul breath. So if you want to stay clear from having a bad breath, stay close to your toothbrush.

One nice trick is to eat fruits to help cleaning your teeth. Apples and pears are perfect for this, and it is the same for vegetables. They act as natural cleanser, but you should never forget your dental hygiene routine. Another thing to definitively avoid is cigarettes, they are the most harmful of all. Smoking not only destroys your teeth, it destroy your health.


If you want a prettier smile, g to your dentist at least twice a year. Or even better come to Dental Solutions in Los Algodones Mexico to find affordable dental care and the best quality. We are part of the ADA and have a complete staff capable and fluent in English. Do not be shy and send us a message or give us a call to set uo your appointment now!








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