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Do you have bad breath? Let´s fix it!

Do you have bad breath? Let´s fix it!
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First impressions matter the most, at least that is what my parents taught me. Leaving a good impression behind can help you to get a nice job, a cool partner. Some people say that personality is what matters, and they are right. But it is pretty difficult to see people personalities past the overall first impression, like bad breath. And teeth forms part of that first impression.


There is nothing worse than talking to someone and seeing that they have yellow teeth. Even worse is to talk close to them and smell their bad breath. If you suffer from bad breath, do not feel bad, it is a common problem and it is an easy problem to fix. Just stay tune to learn some simple tricks on how to fix bad breath


Causes of bad breath


Bad breath as I said above it is a common problem. The causes may vary, but it all sums down to good dental hygiene. If you do not brush your teeth daily, do not use dental floss and mouthwash regularly, chances are that you have bad breath. The reason for this is because the tooth enamel, which is a coat that protect our teeth from bacteria and germs. If you want better breath and teeth you have to commit to a good dental hygiene routine.


Other cause can be diet. What we eat and drink affects our breath too. A clear example is sugar, alcohol and tobacco are really bad for our breath. If you consume these products a lot your breath will suffer a lot in the long run. Another thing is to be really careful with the signs, bad breath can be a symptom to a major deal, like gum disease.


That is right, you have to be careful, because bad breath can be a sign of many diseases. From a simple dental caries to a more complicated gingivitis or periodontal disease, bad breath may be your body telling you that something else is wrong. Other causes of bad breath can be simple genetics, but even so, it is a simple problem to fix.


Simple solutions to bad breath


First of all, having a good dental hygiene is a must. Brushing your teeth twice a day, after every meal also and compliment it with mouthwash and dental floss will do most of the work. But you have to try and eat less sugar, alcohol and tobacco to not ruin your breath. Some people will suggest chewing gum often, but if it has sugar in it then you are not helping the cause. That is why I always suggest going for sugarless chewing gum.


On top of that antiseptic mouthwash can help you kill most of the bacteria responsible for bad breath. Some patients are happy with mouthwash that leaves you a nice breath but the truth is that you are only masking your scent. Try to use antiseptic mouthwash and fill a better deference the next time you smell your own breath.

Las but not least going to the dentist can solve all your bad breath problems. A simple regular cleaning or a more deep cleaning from your dentist can make you say good bye forever to bad breath problems. Take in mind that the suggested times to go to a dentist is at least twice a year. And if you are interested in affordable dental care I suggest you contact Dental Solutions Los Algodones.


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