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Beware of these foods that can stain your teeth

Beware of these foods that can stain your teeth
December 17th, 2017 | Blog | No comments

Having a nice white smile is really important. Not only causes a really good impression to your peers, it also signals health. When you smile at people, the first thing they will notice are your teeth, and that says a lot about you. Nothing says responsible and caring as white teeth. Unfortunately teeth can stain really easy but do not worry, it is easy to fix too.


To attract people white your smile and boost your confidence you need 3 things. The first one is to have a good dental hygiene routine. You can start by brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Do not forget to also use dental floss to remove food debris and take care of your gums. Finish strong using mouth wash and you will be all set for this part.

The second thing that it is basic for a white smile is to go to the dentist. Regular checkups and cleaning at least 2 times a year can break or make a beautiful smile. Many people that I know are really lazy, and after sometime, they learn the hard way the importance of this. Don’t wait until it is too late to run to your dentist.


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Avoiding food that can stain your teeth badly


The third thing I was referring above is your diet. Watch out for food that can stain your teeth badly. Keep in mind that your teeth are protected by a hard coat called enamel. The enamel serves as a shield that protects the teeth against bacteria and germs along with saliva. Without proper care you can waste your tooth’s enamel and leave your teeth exposed to diseases and infections. Worst case scenario you can lose your teeth.


If you want or preserve your teeth as beautiful as they are then make sure you avoid certain foods. Not only foods, also drinks and habits that can stain your teeth easily. When we talk about food that can stain your teeth, the first thing to notice is candies. Candies and chocolate have so much sugar and sugar wear down the enamel of the tooth, making stains to stick easier. Other candies that you want to avoid are the ones that have artificial colors on them.


The same goes for chips and fries, not only because of colorants but for the oil. Oil is really sticky and tends to discolor your teeth. Another food that can cause struggles to your smile are sauces, specially tomato based and wine based sauces. As long as you brush your teeth after eating your smile will be pretty fine.


Now let’s talk about drinks. Drinks are particularly hard to clean off your smile because they are liquid. So your dental care game has to be on point. Just mentioning some drinks on the top of my head, avoid consuming too much coffee, sodas and wine. They not only have colorants and sugar, but they have other chemicals that will stain your teeth for sure.


Other drinks to avoid are energy drink and anything with artificial colorants for the same reasons. Last but not least make sure to stay away from cigarettes. They will ruin your teeth pretty badly, I am sure you know the reasons for that, it is pretty harmful for your teeth and body.

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