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Bone grafting, implants, and root canals: When dentistry goes wrong

Bone grafting, implants,  and root canals: When dentistry goes wrong
January 27th, 2016 | Blog | No comments

Today I want to talk to you about a condition called dentophobia and its relation to implants, bone grafting, and other dental procedures. Also known as fear of dentists or dentistry, dentophobia is a condition where the patient feels a tremendous amount of anxiety and fear towards dentistry. Did you know that statistically mistreated patients have a higher risk of developing dentophobia and avoiding dentists altogether?, this is cause for serious concern as a botched procedure is detrimental to one’s dental health in the long run.

Here in Los Algodones we strive for perfection, we are aware of how important and impactful a procedure is in the life of a patient; comfort and quality should be the first order of priority, it’s unfair for someone to put their trust in a professional and end up in a worse situation. But what to do when you end up in such a place?.

First, remember, a dentist is a health professional, and it’s here to help you, make an appointment as fast as possible with your dentist, and don’t be shy about your situation, admit out front that you are scared, a good dentist will understand. On that first appointment we need to assess the damage, minor issues can be handled almost immediately, for example if you get an infection due to a faulty filling a root canal procedure might be in order, and even if It takes a couple of sessions it can be done with relative ease.

Unfortunately, a dentophobic might procrastinate, and as time goes on the damage worsens, so a bad bridge, or a misaligned implant might evolve into bone loss, which in turn means that the specialist might have to implant new bones (bone grafting) to prepare the area for further treatment, if that’s the case, more than one appointment is usually needed, first for the bone graft and then for any necessary procedures.

On the other hand, if the damage is extensive a full replacement might be in due order, fortunately, even if the affected area shows bone loss, a dentist can use an All-on-4 treatment to give a new denture in no time, of course, not every situation is as extreme, and in some cases a single implant is all that’s necessary to make you look and feel amazing.

In the end, my advice is, you might feel a little scared, and that’s ok, but don’t let that paralyze you, a good health professional is here to help, and accompany you as much as you need.

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