Is chewing gum bad for your teeth?

Is chewing gum bad for your teeth?
March 10th, 2018 | General | Comments Off on Is chewing gum bad for your teeth?

Hi! Happy weekend readers! Good morning, good afternoon or good night depending on when are you reading this. Today I want to ease some anxiety that some patient who wants perfect teeth may have. And that is of course the eternal question. Is chewing gum really that bad for your teeth? Well, let’s not waste more time and jump right into it. the answer may surprise you at the end!


For starters, chewing gum can be a fulfilling pastime. It can relieve stress, anxiety and so much more. Many patient have told me in the past the chewing some gum help them to stop smokmouth | Los Algodones Dentistsing and such. But they read inline or their dentist tell them that gum is bad for the teeth. I know the feeling, as I was a really big fan of chewing gum when I quit smoking.


Maybe you are not a smoker at all. Maybe you just enjoy chewing some gum. If that is the case then this article can make you see what are some of the consequences of chewing so much gum. And that is the keyword here, moderation. If you abuse any substances chances are that it will end up damaging you in the long run. It is the same with gum.


Does chewing gum harm my teeth?


Short answer is yes. But to be fair it will harm your teeth only if you let two conditions meet. The first one is that you consume lots of chewing gum with sugar. The second one is to not continue with a good dental hygiene routine. And of course both are connected together because one little ingredient gums have. This ingredient is sugar.


The answer is yet so simple and so unfair. Because gum is delicious and it seems so harmless. But the truth is that it can wreck your smile if you open more than one package of gum a day. On top of that if you are not brushing your teeth twice a day as your dentist tells you or at least as Dental Solutions in Los Algodones tells you, then your teeth are doomed.


So remember, a superb dental hygiene is mandatory for every person. Aside from this you have to be careful with your tooth enamel. Chewing lots of gums can wear it down, leaving your teeth exshutterstock 135988115 | Los Algodones Dentistsposed to plaque. This is a bad sign as combined with the sugar that gum has it can create cavities and make your teeth fall apart over time.


Making chewing gum great again


Don’t feel down if this sounds so negative at first. There is a simple way to chew gum and not harm your smile that bad. You can mitigate the bad effects from gum by getting sugarless gum. This way you can chew all you want without worrying about screwing your teeth badly. However, you have to be careful about chewing so much that your enamel wears down quickly.


Well that is for today. I hope you find this article really useful. Remember, chewing sugarless gums is not bad for your teeth. Enjoy it and enjoy your weekend. If you are interested in affordable dental treatment in Los Algodones Mexico click on our prices page to see how much you can save in dental!

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