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Why choosing dental implants can be better for your smile

Why choosing dental implants can be better for your smile
July 2nd, 2018 | Blog | No comments

Getting quality dental treatment can be really though. And let’s not even mention how expensive it can turn out the bill even with insurance. Other than that it can considered quit a necessary evil that can be pretty hard to get if we talk about dental implants. But dental implants are an awesome answer to replace missing teeth and it can get really affordable if you look at the right place. I will give you a hint, is not in the United State.


You may think that if you can get cheap dental implants it may be in some country far away. Let me tell you that it is closer than you think. Our dental office is located at Los Algodones, Mexico which is just crossing the Andrade border passing. 10 minutes away from Yuma, Arizona you can get dental implants at our clinic for less than 50% of what it cost in the US and Canada. Smart shopping if you ask me.

So consider sending us a message or calling to our offices to know more about prices. We well more than happy to help you and be your dentists in Los Algodones. Without stretching this introduction much longer, let’s see why dental implants are better for a more beautiful smile.


An everlasting beautiful smile thanks to dental implants


There are many options available for patients to get new teeth. They can dentures, partials, bridge and such to cope with tooth loss over the year. Or they get a single implant for each tooth, or use implant to support either bridges or dentures. The decision is entirely up to the patient and their budget. But dental implants are better by a longshot even if they are more expensive. Many dentists will agree that going for implants is an excellent choice for replacing dentures.


You see, dental implants offer a lot of reliability. They stay forever in your jaw bones and never fail. Dental bridges, partials and dentures tend to be glued to other teeth or parts of the mouth so over time they tend to fall. Not the case with implants, your dentures and new teeth will stay in place a life time if you take care of them right.

Versatility for your smile at its finest


The best part about dental implants is as mentioned above, they offer a lot of versatility. They can support a tooth, brides and even full dentures. All with the same reliability we mentioned before. They will feel and look as natural teeth. That is why they are so popular, they offer a second chance for your smile. Besides the aesthetic can look so real and amazing, my suggestion for full dentures will always be the all on 4 treatment.


The all on 4 treatment consist in 4 implants that suppor a full denture. With the advancements in technology and modern medicine, now 4 implants are enough to support a full set of teeth. If you get it our clinic they have that perfect sweet spot of both affordability and quality that we all yearn for. So do not be shy and let us help you schedule an appointment right no!

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