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How to clean food debris between your teeth

How to clean food debris between your teeth
October 21st, 2018 | Blog | No comments


Hi guys, happy weekend to you all. Today I want to share some tips on how to clean the food debris between your teeth. This will help you to avoid embarrassing situations where you are smiling and show an awful piece of food between the teeth. I cannot stress enough how embarrassing this is and how easy is to avoid. So let’s jump right into it and see how to properly clean between your teeth.


It is important to clean between your teeth because it is vital for a healthy smile. Food debris can cause major damage to your teeth if you leave it unattended. It can rot so quickly and so bad that it can affect the teeth. In the long run it can cause so much more than cavities, it can lead to tooth loss. Besides it can affect your gums, causing gingivitis and other periodontal diseases. So try to maintain a good dental hygiene using the right tools.


What do you need to clean food debris between your teeth?


First of all you should own a toothbrush.  This is the most basic tool to clean your teeth. The best kind of toothbrush to buy is a soft bristle one. You do not need a hard bristle toothbrush to clean between your teeth. Remember to always take care of it by cleaning it after usage. You can boil it in water and do not forget to dry it appropriately so it does not wear down quickly. After 2 to 3 months remember to throw it away and get a new one.


When brushing your teeth remember also to use slow and gentle strokes. This will avoid any damage to your tooth enamel which is the coat that protects your teeth from bacteria and germs. It also provides them that pearly white color that makes them so attractive. As for the technique to use, use up and down strokes to clean between your teeth and get rid of the food debris. But do not rest yet, you still need more than that.


What cannot be missing in your bathroom to clean food debris between your teeth is dental floss. Dental floss will be your best friend to get rid of those pesky food remnants that get stuck. To use dental floss properly, just take a couple of inches to clean between your teeth. You can also use other tools like a dental pick, there are many models out there. Just pick one that is safe to use and its comfortable enough to use for you.


Do not forget your dentist

Finally, you need the help of a good dentist to clean real good between your teeth. They have all the proper tools to execute a job well done. They also have the proper knowledge to get rid of food debris without causing any damage. A good cleaning will beat any DIY kits that you can find in the market. So do not waste any time and make an appointment with us in Los Algodones.


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