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Complex dental restorations: building a pearl white smile

Complex dental restorations: building a pearl white smile
May 27th, 2016 | Blog | No comments

Sometimes dental restorations are simple procedures involving very small work and a quick visit to the dentist. But they can also be a very elaborate process requiring time, dedication and persistence. We are aware of how taxing a complex restoration can be; that is why here in Dental Solutions we always provide a caring and comprehensive service that complements a process that can seem enduring at times.

A complex restoration is one in which several procedures have to be applied to completely restore a denture. They are usually required when the damage is extensive and several treatments are required.

For example, a patient with extensive periodontitis and a tooth infection might require a throughout cleansing and a root canal just for starts. But let’s say that the damage was far reaching and some teeth became loose, in that case, a regular cleansing might exert excessive force and you could lose the tooth, so the dentist will have to be extremely careful as to prevent further damage,.

Afterwards a restoration will probably be in order, the circumstances will determine the next step. if it’s just a chipped or damaged tooth a composite resin should suffice, stained teeth can be treated with a veneer or with chemical whitening, but in more extreme cases the dentist might chose to use a dental crowns or place replace the root with an implant if the tooth cannot be saved.

A complex restoration requires a strategy, on the first couple of visits, the dentist will make a complete diagnosis and assessment of your overall dental health, this usually involves a regular check and probably some x-rays. With that information you will determine which options fit your needs the best and establish a work schedule.

This schedule is entirely dependent on the requirements of each procedure and your availability. You might want to finish as fast as possible, but some some interventions might require a special aftercare or just some recovery time. In that sense a good schedule should give you enough information to take precautions, such as a time off from the office.

Guidance is key with complex restorations, don’t be coy, the dentist is there to guide you and help you, as such, it is our duty to provide enough information so you can make the best possible choice to improve your health and enhance your smile. It seem like a lot, but if you just on one step at a time you’ll end up with a beautiful smile before you even realize it.

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