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Dental Implants

Dental Implants
April 8th, 2015 | Blog, procedures | 6 Comments

The dental implants have enabled obtaining excellence at the time of giving back the lost anatomy, function, esthetics and comfort to the patient.

They are designed to function as an artificial base in replacement of the lost teeth.

dental implants

These teeth or dentures have a real and functional aspect like the natural teeth, and are intended for those patients that any one or several teeth, for different causes have lost (cavity, periodontal disease, traumatisms, resections for previous surgeries, etc.), Allowing have an esthetic and functional denture that will enable him smiling with trust again and eating all the foods practically.

On the other hand, the maxillofacial implants are directed to the rehabilitation of patients who have anatomical defects that produce alterations in the facial anatomy and function, ranging from small to large anomalies sequelae of trauma or oncological surgery prior.

In the Department of maxillofacial surgery Las Condes Clinic may have complete information of your particular situation and we’ll help you make the best decision. In addition, we have the experience necessary to deal with cases from simple to more complex.

Within its many advantages are:

Replace the removable denture teeth fixed, improving function, and simultaneously serve as an anchor for this type of dentures, increasing dramatically its stability. Return dental pieces without damaging the natural teeth, allowing chew with total comfort, and smiling and talking with total security.

What is a dental implants?

You only need to use a clinical examination, the radiographic study (depending on the complexity of the case) and a planning of the patient as a whole, the rehabilitation specialist and the maxillofacial surgeon to meet the needs of the patient.

What is the procedure?

The installation of  dental implants is performed in a non-traumatic and painless, and can be performed with local anesthesia or sedation/general anesthesia for the comfort of the patient that requires it.

How is the postoperative?

The procedure is not traumatic, and the postoperative period does not require absolute rest, because only there is a slight local swelling that should be handled with anti-inflammatory. The patient returns to its normal life the next day.

How much time should be expected to have the teeth?

In fact there are different times for the installation of the definitive teeth (that are supported by the implants) and depends solely on the bone and occlusal characteristics of the patient. In general, you should expect a period of three to four months to the biological process called osseointegration was complete.

What person can have a dental implants?

In general, with few exceptions, all patients are eligible for implants. In those cases where required, must be performed procedures to increase the bone volume prior to the installation of the implant. The surgical procedures annexs to the installation of implants are of exclusive spring a maxillofacial surgeon.

How many teeth can be replaced with implants?

All that is necessary for proper function and aesthetics, always keeping in mind the available bone volume as a framework for departure.


  1. teesha - April 15, 2015

    Hi Do you do the all on 4 with any other material than acrylic?

    • drojas - April 16, 2015


      The Denture fixed to your jaw with implants is with acrilic and resin teeth. You can change for a prettau zirconia bridge. The final denture will be at USD$4500 with zirconia.