Dental restorations | How to act before the breaking of a crown

Dental restorations | How to act before the breaking of a crown
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dental restorationsWithin the sector of the dental restorations should be given a special mention to the crown because that will be of great help to recover the shape of the tooth, in this way those people who opt for the placement of this element will be able to enjoy a aesthetics and functionality similar to the one proposed to us a natural tooth and it converts it into an object that has a excellent demand in the present. In this article we are going to explain how to act before the breaking of a dental crown and is that while it is true that tend to be resistant is not to be ruled out the possibility that they are damaged and, in this case, we must learn how to do things quickly and efficiently.

Dental restorations | How to act before the breaking of a crown

In the same way as happens in the event of tooth fracture is essential to go to the dentist in an urgent manner, especially those people who feel tenderness in the tooth. Thanks to the early attention by a specialist will be able to avoid the ultimate loss of the crown, but this will depend on the particularities of each patient. If we do not have the possibility of going to the dentist have to carry out a series of simple tips such as continue with the routine of oral hygiene, although we avoid brushing in the sensitive points. Thanks to this daily habit we will manage to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and, in this way, we’ll make the problem does not worsen. As a general rule the vast majority of patients who have undergone the insertion of a crown with a provisional copy that they used during the time that design is the final crown, being an excellent alternative to use while we are not able to go to the teeth or during the weeks that are factory a new crown.

It is of vital importance that the patient keep in good condition the piece of crown, usually of porcelain, which has been fractured due to that, in some cases, you can rebuild and need not be the clothing of a new crown already that this action would be a major cost to the person who has suffered the breakage of the dental crown. Finally, we must avoid the handling of the same after a coup d’état or fracture because it could make the task of restoration to the specialist.

As we have been able to see the fracture of a dental crown is not a very common situation, of all forms in the event that this happens only we will have to carry out a series of simple tips and you will have no difficulty to the patient.

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