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What drinking too much Soft drinks does to your teeth

What drinking too much Soft drinks does to your teeth
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You know how important is having a nice and consistent dental hygiene. We have to remember to brush our teeth at least 2 times a day, along with dental floss and mouthwash. This ensures that our smile stay beautiful as ever and our teeth healthy.  However, this is just one fraction of the work needed to do to preserve our teeth for a lifetime. We have to also take into account what our diet and habits.


I say this because there is a large list of foods and drinks that are really bad for our teeth. It can be really bad, and difficult to solve the consequences of ruining our dental hygiene. So please, keep reading this article so you can take notes of some tips to learn about what soft drinks can do to your teeth.

What are Soft drinks?

Soft drinks include all kind of fruit juice and sodas. They are definitely on the same spectrum and are the preferred beverage for children and adults alike. We have to stress that they are not the best choice for your teeth health as they do so much harm to them. If you are a fan of drinking too much of them, you are risking the chances of having many diseases in your teeth


What can Sugary Drinks do to you Teeth?


Regularly, abusing soft drinks is not good for your teeth, considering the many negative effects they cause is enough reason to stop drinking. Every time you chill and have one of these drinks, the sugar contained on them latches on your teeth. The bacteria that lives naturally inside your mouth, loves sugar, this means gum diseases, cavities, bad breath and more bad news.


The bacteria consume the sugar and an acid is produced. This acid will eat the enamel on your teeth, making your teeth not only thinner, but weaker. As the enamel of your teeth wears out, all kind of problems will float and develop, causing tooth decay and tooth loss.


What can you do to avoid damage from soft drinks


First of all, the best ways to fight the effects caused by the excess of soft drinks is to avoid drinking them as much as possible. Dentist in Los Algodones suggest to their patients to consider other alternatives such as water or milk as they are healthier. Opt for 100% natural juices over artificial flavors.


Another advice is to rinse your mouth with water after drinking any kind of soft drink to wash your mouth and flush away the sugar from your teeth. Apart from this, keep brushing your teeth after every meal will to get rid of bacteria and plaque that forms on your teeth thanks to all the sugar.


Using dental products with fluoride will help to reduce the chances of getting cavities.And strengthen tooth enamel by a lot. It can almost nullifying the damage caused by soft drinks and will protect your teeth.


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