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Some tips on what to eat after an orthodontic procedure

Some tips on what to eat after an orthodontic procedure
September 14th, 2016 | Blog | 1 Comment

Acclimation is key during the first few days after you get your orthodontic procedure. You might have heard or read that getting braces is a traumatic experience; fortunately, you can put your worries to rest, since it’s nothing of the sort, some changes are to be expected, but that’s what happens with almost any procedure.

Are braces painful? every case is unique, and we can’t responsibly say that no one ever feels pain. But what we can say is that orthodontic treatments have changed in the last twenty years; technology has advanced at an amazing pace, and getting braces is no longer the traumatic process it once was.

Most of the time, a patient will feel minor discomfort for the first few days after the orthodontic procedure. At best, it’s just the feeling of having something new in your mouth, at worst you will feel a slight pressure. But if you experience any pain at all, you should contact your orthodontist immediately.

What should I eat after an orthodontic procedure

Once again, there is no straight answer here; some people favor foods other will find extremely annoying to eat. During the first few days avoid hard, chewy or crunchy food; soft foods will be easier to chew and aren’t as likely to stick in hard to reach places, for example:

– Eggs
– Soups or similar (chili for example)
– Steamed potatoes and vegetables
– Seafood (salmon, tuna, crab cakes)
– Soft meat

Does that mean that you won’t be able to eat hard food for the rest of your treatment?, not at all, but you have to be extra careful while you do it, a small mistake can cause severe damage to your braces, which, while not dangerous is going to make your treatment longer.

The best piece of advice at this point is that you should take your time to get used to harder foods; start with soft food and work from there, kind of like what we do when we change a kid’s diet. Carefully try harder food and see how it feels, making sure that you are not putting pressure on your braces.

After a while you won’t have to be so self-conscious about how you eat; as time passes you grow accustomed to orthodontic procedure, and you can take bigger risks. Just remember, when you eat chewy food, you have to be extra careful with your cleaning afterwards.

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