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Are your eating right for a nice healthy smile?

Are your eating right for a nice healthy smile?
August 27th, 2018 | Blog | No comments


Hello every one, welcome to another entry of Dental Solutions Los Algodones blog. Today I want to discuss the importance of eating right. For those who do not know, your diet affects your teeth. They can certainly be a lot whiter, healthier and stronger thanks to what your eat. So let’s talk a bit about how to eat for a healthy smile.


You may know by now that there are certain foods that are bad for your teeth if you want a jealthy smile. They can stain them or break them easily. There are some drinks that can also make your teeth weak look awful. So it is important to eat a balanced diet along with some healthy habit to keep that smile Shining.


Food you want to avoid


Let’s begin with the foods that are bad for your teeth. For starters sugar is pretty rough for your teeth. It can ruin your tooth enamel creating cavities and such that can lead too tooth loss. You want to moderate the sugar ingestion in your body. Besides sugar can a affect a lot more in your body such as weigh. Overall try to keep candies and such low.


Artificial colorants are bad for your teeth too. The won’t affect your teeth per se, but the colorant stain your teeth badly. They can give your stained teeth in no time. If you do not keep track of your dental hygiene the results will be even worse. Try to keep sodas and energy drinks at minimum, the same goes for coffee.


Chewing on hard foods is bad also. You can chip your teeth for applying too much force when biting and chewing. Be really careful with that. I want to address also to cigarettes. Even if they are not a food, they are a habit that can ruin your teeth . they not only stain them but they also wear down the tooth, and you do not want that. Losing teeth due to bad habits is sad and embarrassing, try to keep it healthy for your own sake.


What foods are good for a healthy smile?


The think here is to have a balanced diet. You have to strive to eat healthy as possible. Mix protein with carbohydrates and vegetables to gain al the nutrients necessary. Calcium for example is great for your bones and teeth. It is such a great idea to drink a glass of milk a day at least to keep your healthy smile stronger.

Fruits are also great for your dental health. They can naturally clean your teeth and are so rich in vitamins. Pears and apples I think they are the best for a nice healthy smile. They are really taste and have natural sugar, so your teeth won’t suffer for any cavities in the long run.


After eating, remember to brush your teeth. It is not enough to brush your teeth twice a day to have the perfect smile. After brushing, using dental floss to remove the food debris is mandatory. And do not forget about mouthwash to wash away the remnants and finishing the job with a fresh breath. Keep in tune for more information and awesome tips in our blog section!



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