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How to educate your kids to brush their teeth

How to educate your kids to brush their teeth
September 11th, 2018 | Blog | No comments

Hello everyone. Welcome to another fascinating entry in Dental Solutions’ blog. Today I want to talk about a very important topic for our child. This is about their oral hygiene and how to educate them so they can improve. I know that it can be a little bit troublesome to teach them how to take care of their teeth. But I am going to share some of my wisdom over the years so you do not suffer as much as I did when my kids were growing up.


Getting ready with the right equipment

First of all it is important that we have the right tools at hand before beginning. One advice I can give you here is that let your kid to choose whatever they want. They are the ones that are going to use that toothbrush every day, so it is only fair to let them at least do that. That way they can feel the responsibility and motivation to pick it up after every meal and brush their cute teeth. Make sure to educate them to pick a soft bristle toothbrush so they can treat their teeth well.


The same advice can be applied to other dental items such as toothpaste. Kids tend to like really sweet stuff like candies. So it is really a good idea to let them pick toothpaste that it is flavorful enough to please their pallet.  It is also important to look for the ADA seal of approval, as is a sign that you are buying top quality item. If you are in town by any chance, you can find great deals in Los Algodones pharmacies.


Other things you can pick up for your kids are mouthwash or dental floss. You can pick a mouthwash that it is sweet so your kids can use it without any problem. The thing with dental floss is that it is better to use when they are old enough. Until they get their permanent teeth there is not that necessary for them to floss. Although, it is not such a bad thing to educate the habit of a good dental hygiene that early.

How to educate a nice dental hygiene habit


To educate a good dental hygiene routine to your kids you have to set an example by yourself. Nothing teach more to you kids that a good behavior that they can imitate easily. I remember that I learned how to brush my teeth because my parents always made me brush with them. It was a nice happy family moments and it was really good for me because I got coaching. That why I could correct any mistake in my technique.


Another good thing to educate your kids is to use a reward system. You can use anything in your advantage to get them to brush their teeth. It can be a nice meal or a dessert, just try to offer healthy meals. Or it can be going to a place they like based on a point system. Every 10 brushes they can earn a nice reward for themselves. The trick is to create motivation so they see it as fun activitie and not as a chore.

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