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How to floss your teeth the right way

How to floss your teeth the right way
April 14th, 2018 | Blog | No comments

Hi! Good morning, or night, depending on your time zone. Welcome to another article. This week I want to discuss with you guys about how to use dental floss properly. It is indeed amazing how many people fail to use it, or do not use it at all. They do not realize that this item is really important to their dental health. Between the teeth is a place that can accumulate lots of bacteria and plaque.


It is important to clean really well in this spot because as I said, it can grow tons of bacteria and germs. A toothbrush simply won’t do, it cannot reach between the teeth as desired. Many dentists in Los Algodones and I the United State will agree that neglecting this cleaning will conclude in tooth loss. Here is why, the food debris that get stuck between your teeth will rot overtime, affecting your teeth and gums.


This is why it is so important to clean this spot, not doing is can ruin your smile easily. But fortunately for you, cleaning your teeth is very easy. Let me show you how to clean your teeth properly so you can have the prettiest smile among your peers. Following these steps will ensure that food won’t stay too long between your teeth. Let’s learn how to use dental floss!


Using dental floss properly, step by step


First you have to clean your teeth using your toothbrush like always. Remember to take it slow and use gentle strokes. Some useful techniques are committing to only one direction when brushing. Brushing crazy in all directions could wear down the enamel, which is the thin coat that protects our teeth. After you are done, spit the remaining toothpaste and grab your dental floss to start flossing.


Flossing is really easy, and it should not take you much time. The trick here is to use as few dental floss as possible as too much is overkill. You can waste miles of dental floss grabbing more than a few inches. The less you use, the better, because is more safe to use, you will have more control and is more safe. Using too much floss can harm your gum, causing it to bleed profusely.


And if that happens then is bad news. Your gum can get infected not to mention that it will cause some pain and discomfort. To avoid this, use a couple of inches and be careful. Remember to go slow and to not rush when flossing, your teeth will thank you for that.

Final recommendations

By now you should be a master of flossing. But keep in mind that using a good mouthwash to finish the job will leave your teeth real clean, as it should be. Antiseptic mouthwash is the best option to keep your mouth free of bacteria. When buying dental items you should pick up dental floss with the ADA seal of approval to choose only quality. This decision alone can make or break a smile.


There are many options to floss out there in the market. As long as you pick one that can suit your dental habits and comfort you are golden. You should floss every time you brush, which is 2 times a day at least. Do not forget to go to your dentist twice a year for some cleaning, in Dental Solution Los Algodones we have our doors open and the best prices in town.

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