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Habits you should get rid of for a whiter smile

Habits you should get rid of for a whiter smile
October 8th, 2018 | Blog | No comments

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing just fine. Welcome to another awesome entry in Dental Solutions. Today I want to warn you guys about certain habits that can ruin your teeth. If you want a whiter smile, you should abandon any of these. I know it can be hard because some of these habits are really tasty and comforting. Try to be strong and endure so you teeth end up really pretty like you.


Foods and drinks that are bad for your teeth


The first thing that can affect our smile is our diet. Everything that we put in our mouth affects our dental care. If you want to avoid having bad teeth and breath, please be more careful of what you eat. Soda is one of these drinks that without moderation can rot your teeth to the core. It is because all the sugar it contains. And that is a common ground in most beverages, the sugar. To avoid them to affect your teeth please practice a nice dental hygiene routine.

Aim to brush your teeth at least twice a day to keep you them sparkling white. After that, use a couple of inches of dental floss to get rid of food debris between your teeth. Then use mouthwash to rinse away all the remnants and your smile will be healthy and pretty. Nothing boost self-confidence more than a seeing our smile all beautiful in the mirror’s reflection.


Continuing with our suggestion for drinks and food, beware of coffee and alcohol. Those two drinks are really popular and are hard to give up. But please take in mind that they can stain your teeth pretty badly and ruin your breath. The key here is to drink just enough to enjoy them and not to past the limits that will ruin your teeth in the long run.


As for food, the rules are kind of the same. Avoid sugar, and keep your guard up with your dental hygiene routine. Fatty foods and oil also can ruin your teeth enamel. It is the same with artificial colorants and salsas, they can easily stain your teeth. However, try to keep a balanced diet including more vegetables and fruits to help your teeth grow strong.

Other things to avoid if you want a beautiful smile


Of course smoking is bad. This nasty habit ruins your teeth and your health. I talk about it so much but it is really important, so allow me to remind you. Smoking cigarettes can lead to tooth loss and other diseases such as oral and lung cancer. Another bad habit is to not going to your dentist enough. Hera at Dental Solutions Los Algodones suggests you to visit your dentist 2 times a year, if you want to make an appointment let us know sending us an message or giving us a call.


A final tip for you to gain a nice white smile is to drink lots of water. That way your body will produce more saliva, which is really important to protect your teeth from bacteria and germs. So now you know several tips to improve your smile, put these in practice and you will have the perfect smile in no time.

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