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Habits that protect your smile: What should we strive for

Habits that protect your smile: What should we strive for
June 24th, 2016 | Blog | 1 Comment

On a previous post we talked about the things we do unconsciously that could be having a detrimental effect on our teeth. Today we are going to talk about promoting healthy habits, what are the things that we must do to improve our oral health and have a better smile.

Always carry a toothbrush and floss

If there is a maxim in oral health it’s this: brush daily. Good advice as it might be, it can be hard to keep up when you spend most of the day away from your house. That´s why you should always carry a kit for oral hygiene, a woman may carry it on her purse, while a guy may leave it at the office, keep it inside his car, or carry it inside a briefcase/beanie bag/computer bag.

Develop workout habits

Yes, this is still about teeth. As we said last week, chewing is a terrible habit, and psychologists believe that compulsory behaviors such as these can be controlled by physical workout; to put it simply, nail biting or chewing a pen involves a certain amount of energy, which can be displaced and moved into health-improving habits such as regular exercise.

Look for sugar free products

We don´t have to declare the war on sweets, nowadays the markets are stocked with sugar-free options. And, as we have said before, some of them might have even bigger benefits than just preventing cavities or keeping your waistline in check.

Schedule your dentist appointments with a calendar

Some of us like to self-sabotage; we find the perfect excuse to avoid a trip to the dentist because we “forgot” and made another appointment on the same day. By keeping a tidy schedule we are more organized, we keep better track of our daily life. With a schedule we become aware of our upcoming events, reminding us of our self-promises and making it difficult for us to procastinate or avoid our appointments.

Always keep an apple with you

Apples are amazing fruits, not only are the easy to carry, but they are also full of nutrients, they are tasty, easy to dispose of, and easy to consume. Best of all, they are nature´s toothbrush. When you simply can´t brush your teeth, an apple is an excellent substitute, it´s texture naturally cleans food residue as we chew it, and it rarely gets stuck on our teeth. Actually, keeping a fruit with you at all times if an all-around amazing habit to have

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