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Habits that could ruin your teeth: what you need to watch out for

Habits that could ruin your teeth: what you need to watch out for
June 24th, 2016 | Blog | No comments

One of the great challenges of modern medicine is to promote good and healthy habits, while at the same time prevent bad habits. Habits are conscious or unconscious behaviors that we naturally enact in certain situations; in other words, it’s the things we default to in our daily lives.

Dozens of studies have shown time and again that habits account for more than 50% of diseases across the worlds, with genetics as a close second. As such, today we are going to talk about unhealthy habits that could potentially ruin your teeth.

Nail biting

Nail biting is usually associated with stress and anxiety, and while it on itself is not particularly dangerous, it can have a devastating effect on teeth. First, nail biting exerts a force for which the teeth weren’t designed for, wearing down the area. Secondly, nail bitters run the risk of biting too hard when trying to cut the nail and hit their teeth against each other, both situations combined lead to tooth chipping.

Eating candy

Who doesn´t enjoy a sweet treat? But accepting a piece of candy is one thing, and keeping stashes at your house, office or car is quite another. Sugar is terrible for your weight and overall health, and obviously your teeth as well. Remember that sweets are the perfect food source for bacteria which untended weaken the teeth and cause cavities.

Eating Ice

Teeth are very durable, they are meant to tear away and crush food so it can be easily digested; but sturdy things like ice can really put a dent on your smile. Just like nails, ice makes you exert more pressure than what teeth were designed for and too much force can eventually cause fractures.

Using teeth as tools

Some people use their teeth as tools, to cut things, to break things, and even open bottles. These habits can be extremely dangerous at times, and cause significant damage in the long run. To put in perspective, it’s a lot safer to carry a small swiss-army knife with you for these kinds of situations.

Chewing habits

Babies do it as a way to explore the world, and adults do it as a way to manage their stress, go to any office and you will find at least one pen or pencil that has been chewed at the tip. As relaxing as that may be, it´s also dangerous, not only can It damage your teeth, but some of the things we unconsciously chew can be toxic, for the example the ink of a pen.

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