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Habits that will protect your teeth all day

Habits that will protect your teeth all day
April 11th, 2020 | Blog, Uncategorized | No comments

Hello my friends, today you are in luck. I bring amazing tips that will help you to protect your teeth 24/7. We can start by beginning the day with an amazing dental care routine. Use a good toothpaste to brush your teeth. One that will whiten, clean and protect your smile. Next is to use dental floss to get rid of those pesky food debris between your teeth. Close with antiseptic mouth wash to kill all bacteria and germs.


Next let’s talk about diet. What we eat has a huge impact in our dental health. Drinking a glass of milk a day will help you to get calcium. This is very good to keep your teeth strong and white as pearls. Other good foods for your teeth are fruits and vegetables, they provide all the necessary nutrients in order to have a healthy smile.

Speaking of drinking, water is also a top ally for protecting your teeth. Being hydrated is pretty good for saliva production. This also helps to clean and protect your teeth naturally. Just like water chewing gums can help to produce more saliva. A golden tip is to use sugarless gums because sugar will cause the opposite effect.


How to protect your teeth


The best tip to protect your teeth is to visit your dentist regularly. Every 6 months you should pay him or her visit for checkup and cleaning. This will maintain your dental health in top form. Always ask for advice and feedback in oral care, I am sure they will be happy to help. And if you wish to find the best dentists in Los ALgodones, that is where we come to the picture.


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