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How important is to clean your tongue?

How important is to clean your tongue?
May 22nd, 2021 | Blog | Comments Off on How important is to clean your tongue?

Hello dear readers and welcome back again to our blog. I want to discuss today the importance of cleaning your tongue. I am surprised that most of the patients who comes to the clinic do not brush their tongue. Many people mistakenly believe that you only need to brush your teeth. For a healthy smile, you need to brush you tongue and other areas of the mouth too. If you want to learn how to do it properly, keep reading today’s article.


Why clean your tongue


Many patient as I said before see cleaning their tongue as pointless. This is very sad and unfortunate because dental health is so much more than your teeth. You clean your teeth because you want to rinse away food debris, germs and bacteria. Those bacteria also accumulate in your gums, cheeks, tongue and other soft tissue. If you do not clean it they can infect said places, bringing several dental diseases that can make your life hell.

Some of these diseases include black tongue, gingivitis and periodontitis. As I said before leaving a part of your mouth dirty will start to affect other areas too. So be careful and practice a good dental hygiene routine that include all of your mouth, do not be lazy.


Also, it will be pointless to only clean your teeth because that infection will affect them eventually. So to avoid this you need to also clean your tongue effectively. But do not worry, it is a very easy job and it does not take too much time. There is literally zero excuses to not brush your tongue. Let’s see how you can clean this area like a pro.


How to clean your tongue


First of all you need the right tools for the job. A common toothbrush can do it perfectly but if you wish to go the extra mile, you need a tongue scrapper. This can be found easily in any store or you can use the scrapper built in into your toothbrush. Do not use anything else or you run the risk of cutting you tongue or worse. And as a general pointer you need to be really careful when doing it.


If you got your toothbrush use the bristles to brush away all the top surface of your tongue. Use slow and gentle strokes to avoid harming yourself. If you have a tongue scrapper the principle is the same, but you will feel better as this tool is designed specifically for the job. Just one minute will be enough to finish and you can use mouthwash to rinse afterwards.


Other parts to clean


As stated above, you need to include all areas of your mouth into your dental hygiene. This means that you have to brush your teeth, tongue, gums and cheeks. Remember to also clean between your teeth with dental floss to get rid of the food debris. This is a common place where it gets stuck and leaving it there can ruin your teeth.


After that using antiseptic mouthwash can help a ton to keep your mouth and breath fresh and clean too. All of the parts in your mouth are connected together so leaving one behind is enough to affect them all. So be hygienic and do not brush only your teeth, pay attention to your gums and tongue too. Specially of you see any weird coloration around them.


How to clean better by going to the dentists


You can try to clean all you want at home but if you do not go to the dentist you will fail. Dentists are professionals of the dental health and you should not underestimate them. Going for regular checkups and cleaning twice a year will get you the smile of your dreams. You can detect problems before they turn complicated and can keep everything neat and healthy. If you wish to save money going to the dentist come to Dental Solutions.


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Tips for a healthy mouth


Now returning to today-s topic you must practice good habits besides your dental hygiene. One of which is good hydration, drinking enough water is good for your tongue and teeth. We suggest drinking 8 glasses of water a day to keep the saliva production going. This will help protect your teeth and mouth from bacteria and germs.


In the same note we have diet, keep a balanced diet. Avoid too much sugar because it can ruin your teeth heavily. Soft drinks and junk food are especially bad for your dental hygiene. Try to eat from all food groups, include vegetables and fruits to give your teeth every nutrient they need. Finally avoid alcohol and tobacco because they have so much going on that can ruin your smile. And as we say in the beginning this will affect other areas of your mouth too.

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