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How not to use your teeth

How not to use your teeth
September 13th, 2020 | Blog | No comments

Hello guys the article today may sound strange for some of you, but it is really important, you cannot begin to imagine the things my patients do with their teeth. Not all of them, of course but there are certain habits that are ruining your teeth. You need to know what are you doing wrong so you can correct them in time.

I have seen many patients with their teeth chipped, broken or even with no teeth. So lets review together what things you should not be doing with them. Also I will tell you how to fix them so you can end up with the most perfect smile.

What not to do with your teeth

First of all eating/biting ice, which can chip or brake your tooth. It also applies with others hard things like hard candy. This is definitively a no go, because it can ruin your smile in no time. In the end it can be painful.

Drinking too much sodas, soft drinks, coffee and alcohol. These drinks stain your teeth real bad and also give you bad breath. The thing is to moderate consumption and to practice a good dental hygiene.

Last but not least grinding your teeth. This is known as bruxism and it can wear down the tooth enamel. This leave your teeth weaken and prone to breaking or falling. To stop this we suggest getting a mouth guard at your dentist.

How to correct these things

To stop these conditions you have to go to a dentist. And it will be better if you come to Dental Solutions in Los Algodones Mexico because we have the best dentists and prices. Get a new crown or filling if your teeth are in a bad state. You can get whitening if your teeth are yellow too and many more dental treatments. Schedule your appointment right now by using our contact form.

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