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How to effectively treat tooth decay

How to effectively treat tooth decay
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Hello again, I hope you are doing great like I am. Today I want to talk about tooth decay. It is a common problem many of our patients have and I want to teach you guys about it. It is important how a disease work so you can know how to treat it or avoid it. I will try my best today to show you what habits can rot your teeth and ruin your smile. But do not worry, I will tell you how to fix it too!


First we have to understand that teeth are biodegradable. What this means is that they decompose away as time go by. This is because they are basically bone and as for any tissue in our body it can wear down. There are many factors that can help to accelerate this process. But with the proper care you won’t have to worry about it during your life.


Why does tooth decay occurs?


In short terms, tooth decay occurs mainly due to poor dental hygiene. Patients who do not brush their teeth enough will present signs of decay in their teeth. This occurs because bacteria and germs will slowly wear down the tooth enamel, then the dentin until they get to the pulp. Teeth are not the only victim here, gums and tongue also can be affected by this.

It is safe to assume that certain practices and foods contribute to teeth loss. That is why you have to be aware about what are you eating and how you are taking care of your teeth. Some symptoms you should be keeping an eye are:

– Teeth discoloration,

-yellow teeth or some form of weird coloration,

-gum recession and bleeding when brushing,

– Teeth recession,

-bad breath, and

-dental cavities.


All of the above are reason for you to take actions and see a dentist as soon as you can. If you waste more time chances are that you will lose your teeth. Dental treatment and consultation can be expensive but we have good news for you. You can save 50% if you come to our clinic Dental Solutions.


What treatments are available?


We are located in Los Algodones Mexico, 10 miles southwest form Yumaz Arizona. As I said above, our costs are 50% less than the United States and Canada. To schedule an appointment you got to contact us via email or phone in business hours. Also you can use the contact form above, just fill the information so you can receive a FREE quote for our services.


Now back in track let’s see how we can treat tooth decay. This will depend on the situation, if the teeth are not that affected then a deep cleaning may be the answer. What matters is that we disinfect the teeth so it does not continue spreading. Then we have to do something about the aesthetic. It can be a filling or a crown to make your teeth look good again.


If there is any pain then a root canal is done to extract the root and eliminate the pain. Then a post and crown have to be installed. In case you already lost a couple of teeth a partial or bridge will do the job. In extreme cases where the dentist cannot save the teeth then they have to be extracted. From there we can replace them with dentures or dental implants.


I strongly suggest going for dental implants as it is a permanent solutions. We just happen to have the best implantologist in town DDS Bojorquez. You can schedule a consultation for FREE at our clinic. She have performed more than 1000 procedure with 100% success rate so you will be in good hands.


How to avoid tooth decay


We can avoid tooth decay at home if we put our mind and body into it. At first we said that dental hygiene plays a huge role, so let’s see how a good dental hygiene should look like. For starters you should brush your teeth at least 3 times a day. What we want is to clean our teeth from bacteria and not let it grow and develop. Early signs of poor dental hygiene is tartar and plaque.

If your teeth feel grimy and greasy, it is a clear sign your should clean them. But when brushing you should keep in mind to be as gentle as possible. Brushing rapid and aggressively will just harm your teeth enamel and your gums. Speaking of which, you should not leave your gums, tongue and the inside of your cheek without brushing. Many germs an bacteria accumulates there, so leaving them there is the same as leaving a ticking bomb in your mouth.


Also you should use dental floss after brushing because food debris often gets stuck between your teeth. This debris will rot and will affect the adjacent teeth. To use the dental floss correctly, just use couple of inches and be gentle with it. You do not want to cut yourself with it. afterwards you have to use antiseptic mouthwash to kill all the bacteria remaining.


Rinsing is one of the most important parts of the dental hygiene. You do not want to skip any of these 3 steps if you wish to have healthy and stronger teeth. To make your teeth even healthier you have to also take into account a balanced diet. Remember we aid teeth are basically bones? You should consume calcium to make them stronger.


As for other foods good for avoiding tooth decay you should eat balanced. This means protein, carbs, vegetable and fruits in your meals. You also want to avoid junk food like sodas and sugar, both are terrible for your smile. On final tip I can share with you is to drink lots of water. This helps to keep your mouth hydrated and produce more saliva.


In case you did not know saliva is a natural cleanser for your teeth. It acts like a barrier to keep away bacteria. So remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep your teeth beautiful and healthy.


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