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How to make an appointment at Dental Solutions

How to make an appointment at Dental Solutions
April 19th, 2021 | Blog | Comments Off on How to make an appointment at Dental Solutions

Hello friends I hope you are very well. Today I will talk a little about how to make an appointment at our clinic Dental Solutions and its benefits. Many patients ask us about our available dental treatments. My goal with this article is that you get a good impression and want to make an appointment with us.

We are located in Los Algodones, Mexico. It is a small town on the border with the United States. The weather is very nice, sunny and it has many tourist sites. Besides, as you may have noticed, there are many dental clinics here. Next I will tell you about us and why you should choose us instead of the competition.

Why choose Dental Solutions?

Of the approximately 300 dental clinics in Los Algodones, Dental Solutions is one of the few with the ADA Seal of Approval. This means that it follows the standards of the American Association of Dentists. Patients who come from the United States and Canada will feel very comfortable in our facilities receiving the same treatment as at home. The best part is that the price is 50% less than in the US.

Our staff is very friendly and ready to handle any situation. Our dentists were even trained in the United States so you will receive the same quality as backhome. In addition, our facilities have the latest technology for any dental procedure. If you need a hotel, we can help you to book a room in the best hotels in town as well as help you find any service you require.

How to make an appointment?

If you are interested in making an appointment with the best dentists in Los Algodones, there are several ways to do it. The first is by sending us an email. You can click the button above to send us a message. Do not forget to enter your information so that we can contact you back. The consultation is totally FREE as well as scheduling an appointment. I recommend that you post a brief summary of the treatment you need so that we can answer you as briefly as possible.

In the same way, you can tell us about your condition or send us photos, x-rays to help us understand your situation. This way it will be much easier and faster to be able to answer you with the prices of your treatment. Within 24 hours you should receive an email or call from our patient coordinators. You can ask all the questions you want so you can make an appointment when you are ready.

But these are not the only ways to contact us. You can call us directly at the phone number you see above as well. Just try to call during office hours so we can assist you. It is not a 24 hour service but at least you can talk to us more directly. Without more to say, we are waiting for you with the doors open at our Dental Solutions clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico.

What treatments we offer at Dental Solutions

Now let me tell you about the treatments we offer at our clinic. Although we say that we can attend any case, which is true, I will tell you about our specialties. We have specialists in all areas and you can meet them in the tab that says our team. I hope they are to your liking, they are very nice, professional and attentive dentists with all their patients.

Cleaning and whitening

Within dental aesthetics, having white teeth is essential. Yellow or stained teeth make our teeth look unsightly. That is why, on the other hand, white teeth look better and are a sign of health. In addition, a good dental cleaning can end bad breath and other dental problems. A whitening can end all staining and discoloration on your teeth.

But this is not a whitening that will look overly white. Since this can give the feeling that your teeth are false and we do not want that. We use lasers to make the whitening look as natural and attractive as possible.
Crowns and veneers

This is one of the most popular dental treatments that we perform. Many problems of our patients can be solved with dental crowns. Crooked, broken, or chipped teeth can be covered by crowns. Even for the loss of a tooth, a bridge made up of crowns can be the ideal solution.

However, if the solution requires a more discreet intervention, the veneres are for you. These tooth masks are the celebrity secret to flawless teeth. We also work only with porcelain veneers since they are the best for their duration and texture, they are similar to natural teeth. Acrylic ones stain, break easier, and they don’t look natural. We can help design your smile to make it look perfect. You will fall in love with your smile again.

Dental implants

If we at Dental Solutions are proud of something, it is to have the best implantologists in Los Algodones at home. DDS Bojorquez has studied in the United States and taken courses around the world to become a specialist in dental implants. We have all the equipment to perform the studies such as the CT scan in the clinic. We can also do the bone graft here to save you time and money.

It does not matter if he is dealing with an implant for a tooth or a complete denture. We carry out the complete work and much cheaper than in the US and Canada. If what you are looking for is a sustained full implant denture we have the best treatment available, Allon4. It is a sustained denture with 4 implants, giving the patient a permanent and fixed denture.

This is undoubtedly the most popular treatment and we have 100% effectiveness and a guarantee included. I recommend you schedule your appointment soon before we run out of space and have to wait months. Apart from the Allon4 we work with snap on denture and traditional dentures. Feel free to visit our pricing page to get an idea of ​​the costs. Any questions you can contact us to receive an exact quote.

This has been all for today, I hope you take good care of yourself and I hope to read you in the next article next week!

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