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How to properly rinse your mouth

How to properly rinse your mouth
August 30th, 2020 | Blog | No comments

You have to rinse your mouth after every time you brush your teeth. It is some kind of golden rule to have perfect white teeth. This is such an important step and many patients who come to the clinic confess that they skip on it. Bad move, my friend, you teeth will stain easily. Besides it can worsen your bad breath. If you wish perfect dental hygiene there are 3 things you should always do.

These 3 things are brushing your teeth, using dental floss and mouthwash to rinse. Do it three times a day and your teeth will be sparkling white. We have many articles on our blog on how to brush your teeth correctly, but today it is about the rinse. We will teach you how to rinse your mouth correctly.


How to rinse your mouth correctly


You want to pick the right mouthwash for the job. For that we recommend the antiseptic mouthwash because it kills almost all bacteria and germs in the mouth that causes bad breath. It disinfect your mouth making your teeth protected against diseases and stains. Make sure you use a product with the ADA seal of approval.

Now you want to rinse your mouth after flossing between your teeth. That way you can finish your dental hygiene routine by rinsing away all impurities from your teeth. It is best after every meal but I suggest rinsing after waking up and before sleep. That way your mouth stay fresh for those long periods of time between meals.

After ringisng

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