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How to remedy a toothache rapidly

How to remedy a toothache rapidly
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We all know that sensation, a toothache so painfully we cannot speak, eat or sleep. It can be so excruciating that our day is ruined and we have to see a dentist immediately. The thing is that sometimes our luck is so bad that we cannot see one right away. Others the office is just too far that we have to endure with the pain for a couple of hours, even days.


That is why today I want to talk a bit about this and teach you guys some remedies you can apply in the meantime. I hope this serves you well and help you to soothe the pain I know is terrible. So I am not going to waste your time as chances are that you are dealing with the pain while reading this article.


Home remedies that help with a toothache

The first thing I want to clarify is that you cannot cure a toothache at home, I repeat, you cannot make the pain go away with home remedies. You need medication to make the pain go away for a time, but a dentist is the sure answer to make it disappear entirely. Do not try to treat it yourself at home as it is very dangerous and stupid.


First thing you can do is to use ice to numb the area. The correct way to apply it in this situation is to wrap ice in a piece of cloth and gently press it on your cheeks. The reason why we never apply it directly is because the tooth as many nerves and using direct cold or heat will make it ten times more painful. Applying cold on the outside, the freeze will spread to that side of the mouth, numbing the pain.


You can use olive oil, cotton and cilantro to chew the piece of cotton. This can help only of the pain is not so bad. If you feel extreme pain then it will not work at all. If that is your case then I suggest applying ice or cold outside of the area. Another thing I can recommend is to use pain meds if you got at home like Ibuprophen. Always consult with a doctor first and use medication only if you have a prescription for it.


Other mental tricks


You can distract you mind from pain with certain activities. One is to do exercises, going for a walk or a run can work wonderful. Hitting the gym also can help your body to reduce stress and produce endorphins that can soothe the pain. Yoga can also help a lot if you are into that, just remember to schedule an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible.


Speaking on mind and yoga, meditation also helps some patients. I only suggest trying meditation if you are previously practicing it. if you have never meditated then the pain will not decrease one bit. Maybe listening to music or watching a movie or series will do a better job distracting you from the pain.


Causes of toothache


Before we get to the dentists this section here is to know more about reasons why we have toothache. This can help us to know beforehand what treatment is the best for us and what the treatment is about. There are different kinds of pains and as stated before, the solution may differ from case to case.


The most common pain patients feel in their teeth is because dental cavities. This caused because the teeth decays and a hole appears. It starts little by little and it gets bigger and bigger over time if not treated. The decay can get far that it affects the pulp, which is the core of the tooth, this is where it gets really painful.


You have to remember that your teeth have nerves all over. They are really sensitive and they can feel a lot of things. The reason why we do not feel it normally is because of the dentin and the tooth enamel. Those are a hard coat that makes our teeth hard and protect them against bacteria and germs.


To make your teeth stronger and resilient to dental caries you have to practice a good dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth is just as important as eating right. I suggest drinking lots of water and having a balanced diet, including calcium. Our teeth are essentially bones so calcium is important for making them healthy.


Accidents happens too


Not all pain we feel in our teeth are because poor dental hygiene. Accidents can make your teeth hurt a lot too. A fall or maybe an unexpected blow can make our teeth hurt, even break them or chip them. As said above, our teeth have many nervous terminal that track every sensation. The good thing is that all of these have a solution at the dentist.


Dental treatment for toothache


Now that you have calmed down the pain and are seeking for a dentist, let’s see what the options are. For dental cavities a filling will be enough to cover the hole. But if the pain comes from the pulp then it has to be extracted. This procedure is known as a root canal and it will take away the core of the tooth. If that is the case a post and a dental crown will be necessary.


Anyway, the best course of action will be always get an evaluation first by the dentist. We can give you evaluation and consultation for FREE at Dental Solutions in Los Algodones Mexico. Not only that, we have the best prices in town, costing 50% less than the United States and Canada. To book an appointment is really easy.


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