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How to take good care of your gums

How to take good care of your gums
May 10th, 2020 | Blog | No comments

Hello again guys. Hope you are taking good care of your gums and your loved ones by staying at home.  Now it is the time to take good care of your teeth and practice a nice dental hygiene routine. Speaking of which, you should know that gums are also really important for your oral care. You should attend them as good as you treat your teeth, and even better. Let me tell you why.

Your gums are the soft tishow to take care of your gumssue at the beginning of your teeth. It protects the bone and root of your teeth and it does not grows back. Meaning that if you injure yourself or loss gums by recession, it is gone forever. To avoid this you should practice a good dental hygiene to clean your gums well.


How to clean your gums


Use your dental toothbrush to brush your gums while you normally brush. Do not ignore and try to cover every inch of gums. Pro tip here, do not brush hard and quick, be gentle so you do not injure them. Brushingclean your gums aggressively can cause gum recession so be really careful with that. And yes, you do have to use toothpaste to clean your gum well.


The next thing you want to do is to clean between your teeth. For that there is no better tool than dental floss. This will get rid of the food debris that can rot and infect your gum. It is and excellent way to avoid gingivitis. Afterwash rinse with mouthwash to leave them as good as new.


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