How to take good care of dental crowns

How to take good care of dental crowns
February 13th, 2020 | General | Comments Off on How to take good care of dental crowns

Dental crowns are the most popular dental treatment to replace bad teeth. They have an amazing price and durability. Besides it is a quick and painless process and the patient walk out with new teeth. But, there are many patients that have failed crowns. Not that it happens here in Dental Solutions in Los Algodones Mexico, but we have heard stories from previous costumers.

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Sometimes the reason dental crowns fail is due bad hygiene or management. There exists patients who misuse their new teeth and they break or fall apart after some weeks. A dental crown should endure 5 to 10 year of usage. It can last even more with the proper care and usage. Today we will share with you the best tips for that to happen.


The best tips so your dental crowns last longer


The first tip is to clean the crows daily just like they were natural teeth. This is important because it keeps them neat and far away from bacteria and germs. Remember that there is a natural tooth underneath and you have to keep it healthy too. Along with these remember to floss and rinse after using your toothbrush.

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Next thing is to not use it to bite into hard things. The materials used for crowns may be strong, but it does not make them indestructible. Treat them like they were your real teeth and you will be golden. Finally avoid bad habits like alcohol and cigarettes as they tend to wear down your gums and teeth. Obviously it affect your crowns too.


If you want crowns that last you 10 years or more and pay about half of what they cost in the US and Canada come to Dental Solutions. We have the best dentists in Los Algodones and can make you smile again wide and proud!

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