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How to impress people around you with your white smile

How to impress people around you with your white smile
November 12th, 2017 | Blog | No comments

Hi again guys, happy weekend, I hope everything is ok! Today I want to address about how to impress people around you with a bright smile. How to get that pearly smile that turn heads around and melt hearths. Who does not want to look at the mirror and feel good about smiling in public? To have a white smile it is really easy and today I am going to share some tips with you guys.


The basics of a natural white smile


The first thing to understand to achieve the white smile you always wanted is to get down the basics first. When I talk about basics I am referring to basic dental care. Basic dental care is your good old brushing, flossing and rinsing. It is very important to brush your teeth every day at least twice a day. Remember to be very gentle and avoid being too aggressive and hurt your teeth and gums.

Speaking of brushing your teeth, do not forget to pick a nice toothbrush, preferably with soft bristles. After brushing it is not recommended to rinse right away, just spit it out and proceed to flossing. Once you ended using some dental floss to get rid of food particles, you can use mouthwash to leave your mouth extra clean and your breath extra fresh.


If you follow these advices religiously every day you should have a white beautiful smile. But not every time it is enough, there are many habits that brings our teeth whiteness down.  Foods that can stain your teeth like coffee and wine should be avoided. And if you are a really big fan like me, then it is a good idea to brush after meals.


But not everything is lost if you have stained teeth. There are always a way to whiten your teeth. You can select among many options to achieve the perfect white smile. Let’s review them.


Other options that can give you a white smile


As I was stating above, there are many things you can take into your hands to have whiter teeth. You can opt for over the counter whitening products, which you can find them easily in any of Los Algodones pharmacies. But be careful, buy only products with the ADA seal of approval. That is the only sign of guarantee that tells you that the product is safe to use.


Using whitening kits is really easy, and their results are often really good. What you should always do is to read the instruction manual carefully. I have heard many stories about patients that use the whitening kits without following the manual’s instructions and end up with pretty hilarious and disastrous results. So if you don’t want to be one of them, make sure you study the product well before applying it.

The best option and the safest one in my humble opinion is to go to the dentist for whitening. They have all the right tools and the knowledge to transform your teeth into a beautiful white smile. You can go for a classic traditional  whitening or for laser whitening for faster results. In some cases if the patient’s teeth are not too stained, cleaning will make those pearls sparkle like stars.


If you wish to whiten your teeth for a good price you can come to our clinic Dental Solutions in Los Algodones  anytime you want. We have a staff well versed in many areas of the dental industry and fluent in English ready to attend you in any dental treatment you need.

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