Why you should keep clean your toothbrush every day and keep it top form

Why you should keep clean your toothbrush every day and keep it top form
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The toothbrush is the most essential item for oral care. There is no way you can keep a sexy beautiful healthy smile without using one every day. The fundamental pillar of dental hygiene, the toothbrush, is just as important as eating or breathing every day. That is why it is pretty important also to keep it safe and sound, and taking good care of it. Remember, a bad toothbrush is a bad smile.


First of all I want to make sure that you know how to pick the right toothbrush. I’ve seen many patients in the past that ruin their teeth using hard bristle toothbrush and such. I do not want y toothpaste | Dental Solutions Algodones ou to make the same mistake, so read carefully. Always go with a soft bristle toothbrush as I said before because it is necessary to be gentle with your gums and teeth.


Make sure you go for a brand that has de ADA seal of approval for better quality and warranty. I always recommend this because it is the safest options for patients who wants the best quality and value for their money. Just as I recommend going to Los Algodones Mexico for the best prices in dental treatment. And if you come to Dental Solutions you will be saving up to 70% of your money in dental and receive the best standards in the industry.


Keep your technique simple and clean


Less is more, that is one of my mottos. To keep your toothbrush in top condition, you have to treat it right. Be as gentle and caring as possible when brushing. Otherwise your toothbrush won’t last a couple of week and the bristles will open up. This is bad because it won’t be able to clean your mouth and it will be the same as not brushing at all.


Remember, use soft strokes and keep it simple. Use horizontal and vertical motions to brush your teeth. Avoid using circular motions because it is not as effective as you may think. After you are done brushing, complement your dental hygiene with dental floss and mouthwash. You will end up with a white pearly smile and a nice breath. Keep in mind that to have a superb dental health you have to clean your teeth at least twice a day.


Besides this, you can improve your dental health if you brush your teeth after every meal. This will kill bacteria and plaque. I f you smoke or drink a lot of coffee, brushing your teeth will avoid any stains and such. Even more, you will be avoid nasty diseases like gingivitis.


Keeping your toothbrush clean


As I was saying above on this article, keeping your toothbrush clean will get you a clean smile. The first step to taking care of your toothbrush is to clean it after using it. You can rinse it in an antiseptic solution to kill any bacteria. Just remember to not use simply water, it is not enough to clean your toothbrush.

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Apart from this, make sure you dry your toothbrush after cleaning it. Leaving it moist will only attract more bacteria and germs. Dry it using a towel of a blow dryer, and after that keep it in a dry place as well. The key thing here is to avoid your toothbrush to rot and lose its form quickly.


As a final tip, change your toothbrushes often. It does not matter how well you take care of your toothbrush, it won’t last forever. Make sure every 3 months or so you get a new one to avoid using one that it won’t clean your teeth as nice. Follow these tips and you will have the smile you always dreamed!



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