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Clear Choice: Laser Whitening

Clear Choice: Laser Whitening
April 16th, 2015 | Blog, procedures | 1 Comment

Clear Choice: Laser Whitening

laser teeth whiteningThe laser tooth whitening at the time, it had become one of the most popular and clear choice for patients who wanted to look like a white smile. It is a treatment for teeth whitening that is performed in the dental clinic.

This technique has now been replaced by the dental bleaching led that has all the same advantages that the tooth whitening laser but does not have the disadvantage of causing so much as the laser sensitivity since the led light is a cold light.

Bleaching and laser light with LED

Professional bleaching can be improved with the exposure of the dental arcades to special light sources, such as the plasma light, ultraviolet light or laser. Apparently, this type of lamps have the capacity to accelerate the effect of penetration of the hydrogen peroxide and ghosting of the connections of the molecules of the pigments in the interior.

This effect can be influenced by several factors, including the heating of the gel by sources of high intensity lighting, the beginning of a reaction through a fotoactivador product in the bleach and a reinforcement of the effect through a catalytic chemical present in the whitening agent.


Laser tooth whitening


Truths and lies on the laser bleaching

How many times, we thought…? I have teeth to discolor, i embarrassed smile, I want to have whiter teeth…

We want white teeth because they make us look younger and healthier and give us more security and confidence to tackle any situation with success.

There are a multitude of methods to whiten teeth, but the star technique is currently the professional bleaching by laser and LED’s.

However, before you undergo this treatment, it is worth knowing what is true and not.

The laser tooth whitening is definitive:

False. A last time, there will always be that return to repeat the treatment. Although if it is possible to extend its effects with a optimal oral hygiene and avoiding certain foods (coffee, black tea, carrot…) and habits (smoking…).

The results are visible quickly:
Truth. The teeth become whiter immediately after the meeting at the dentist.

It is only necessary a session:
False. The number of sessions will depend on the tone of each person dental before treatment.

The treatment lasts approximately 1 hour:
Truth. The time required to whiten teeth with laser and LED’s is typically between 45 minutes and 1 hour and a half.

The laser whitening by itself:
False. What makes the laser is significantly accelerate the results of hydrogen peroxide (most common element in the bleaching events “traditional”). Therefore, the laser treatment and the LEDS are combined with the use of special gels.

The process does not damage the enamel:
Truth. However, the abuse of dental bleaching and the incorrect application of the bleaching agent itself may cause some adverse effects.

The tooth whitening laser is appropriate for anyone:
False. Only the dentist or dentist should decide whether it is the most appropriate method.And remember, only a good reliable professional will advise you appropriately and help you to look your best smile without risk to your oral health.

Laser Whitening is the clear choice for all patients.

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