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Loose teeth, what causes it and how can we prevent it?

Loose teeth, what causes it and how can we prevent it?
March 29th, 2016 | Blog | 2 Comments

Loose teeth are nothing if worrisome; It´s one thing when our children are losing their baby teeth, but it’s quite another when an adult is at risk of losing a tooth. While there is reason for concern, you shouldn´t worry obsessively about it, a loose tooth can be treated and restored. Of course, you will to be treated by a dentist as soon as possible, the faster you get to that clinic the higher the odds of saving your teeth.

There are several causes for loose teeth, and fixing it is only a short-term solution. The only way to be sure that your teeth are safe is to find the original cause and treat it. With that in mind what are some of the most common reasons for loose teeth?

Periodontal disease

A bad oral hygiene allows food residue and bacteria to form what we call tartar, that hard yellowish substance around teeth. The bigger it gets, the more pressure it exerts against the gums, pushing them back and producing swelling and bleeding.

As tartar advances it creates pockets between your teeth and bone that may get infected and slowly but surely loosen your teeth. How do we prevent it? Simple, periodontal disease can be easily avoided by having regular dentist’s appointments at least twice a year, and cleaning your teeth thoroughly after every meal.


A hard hit is all it takes for a tooth to loosen, the trauma usually stretches the ligaments connecting the tooth to the socket, in such cases a visit to the dentist is your best bet, by affixing your tooth to a  healthy one, it will hold in place until it naturally heals. If you practice a high-impact activity or sport remember to always wear protection.


This conditions causes bone loss throughout the whole body, become less dense and prone to fracture, when the bone near the mouth area is affected teeth might become loose. It´s very important that you tell your dentist about any medication you take for osteoporosis since in some cases it can interfere with certain treatments.

Pregnancy and loose teeth

Progesterone and estrogen in high amounts may cause the ligaments and bone around teeth to loosen. Fortunately it´s very rare; and when it does occurs it’s temporary at best, rarely leading to tooth loss. Never the less, it´s best not to take any chances, so if you notice anything weird going on with your teeth its best to consult a dentist, also, avoid hard foods or any kind of activity that would exert pressure on the area

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