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How to make your kids more interested in dental care

How to make your kids more interested in dental care
July 9th, 2017 | Blog | No comments

Teaching your kids to brush their teeth and take care of their health is without any doubt a daunting task. Children seem to be really upbeat, full of energy so they have trouble paying any attention to important matter like their health. As parents it is our duty to guide them and teaching them the best way of things.


I remember when my parents taught me how to brush my teeth. It was a disaster (lol) because I was an earthquake and loved to run around. But even so, with much patience my parents taught me how to take care of my teeth and now I have a beautiful smile. And for that I thank them.


Fast forward a few years and now I have kids on my own. And I have to say that now I understand all the trouble my father and mother went to teach those simple things. It occurred to me that maybe you guys are having the same problems that I do and that I can share some tips with you on how to make your kids more interested in dental care.


It is just a game


Kids loves games, period, end of the article. Just kidding, but really, kids love to play games, it is a fact of life. Remember when you were younger? You loved games too, right? In this case is the same, if we can make brushing a fun game, our kids will brush their teeth every day, as simple as that.


A few tips to make this happen is to offer them a reward. We can offer them to make their favorite snack or meal so they feel more motivated to take care of their teeth. Another useful thing that we can use is songs. My kids love to sing and sometimes when we brush together, we sing some tunes that I made up about how to brush. Like saying, keep moving your hands up and down, and after done just spit. It is very funny and cute, and you will bond with your kids a lot.


And that another key thing, bonding. Try to brush with them at the same time to teach them how to brush properly. You can correct them if they are doing it wrong, but the best part I have to say is just spending time with them. Also just by foing this, you are setting a good example and they are going to follow what they see.


If they have older siblings, it is also a good idea to teach them this so they can keep the same example to the younger ones. After that it is just a piece of cake.


Fear factor


This is a funny one and my parents did this to me. When I didn’t like to brush my teeth they always show me a picture of how my teeth would look like if I don’t brush. That scared me a lot and it worked for me. I try to not be as extreme with my kids, but I do tell them what it is going to happen. The good thing it is that it seems to work on them as it did work for me.

Finally take them to the dentist after they are 4 years old. A professional dentist is the best person to teach them about good dental habits and care and it will help to avoid the fear to dentist when they grow up. If you want good prices for dental treatment I suggest Dental Solutions in Los Algodones. I go twice a year with my family and save a ton of money, plus we get some kind of family vacation,





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