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How to make your kids to love dental hygiene

How to make your kids to love dental hygiene
February 8th, 2017 | Blog | 1 Comment

Hello! Today I want to talk you guys about something really important to any parent, and that is their children. We’d love our children grow really healthy and strong but sometimes it is really difficult to make them understand and listen to all the advices and good habits we want to teach them, specially about dental hygiene.


They often neglect their dental hygiene habits and we have to be after them so they brush their teeth and let’s not even start to talk about their diet, children loves to wreck their teeth with candies and sweets.


For those parents that have these kind of problems I have some useful tips to you so you can make your kids to love some good dental hygiene habits to ensure that their teeth grows pretty, strong and white as pearls.

Make them part of the whole process


One useful psychological tip to make your kids to want to always brush their teeth is to make them part of all the process. What I mean with this is to basically take them to the pharmacy with you to let them choose a tooth brush for themselves. This will make them to feel really involve and responsible for their dental care, and the younger they are when you apply this trick, the better.


And this can be also applied to other products of their need too! Like toothpaste for example. You can let your kids choose the toothpaste so they feel more comfortable and entitled about their personal choice because they have an opinion and they like to be taken seriously, so don’t ignore them. Kids love to choose too!


And if your kid is a little indecisive you can help them choose by talking to them, showing them all the options available and the most important thing encourage them. Another thing you can do is to pay attention to what are their favorite shows on TV and movies so you can buy them products with their favorite cartoon and character to give them more motivation to use their toothbrush and toothpaste.


But things don’t have to end there, you can get cups for their toothbrush, cases for their braces, you get the general idea. What it is important is to involve them in all the dental hygiene life style. A you can find most of these things really cheap in Los Algodones pharmacies


Make it a family activity


The best example you can give your kids is yourself. If you want your kids to brush their teeth you have to brush your teeth too, you have to be the best role model they have, and dental hygiene is no exception.


What you can do is to brush along with them in the morning before they leave to school or by night before they go to bed. If you can do both it would be amazing but by brushing your teeth with them you are making them again to feel comfortable and involved besides supervising their cleaning too.


This can be fun and it can serve as an excellent opportunity to bond as a family, remember that kids have are like sponges and soak in any knowledge really quick, they will surely adopt anything that you do. Apart from this, your kids will definitely crate many fond memories about all the times that they brushed their teeth with their family.

Another thing you can do to motivate them is to reward them for every time they do their dental hygiene shores, like some kind of point system that consist that every time they brush they get a star and when they accumulate 10 star you take them for ice cream or you make their favorite meal.


Other activity that you can go with them is to take them to the dentist along with you. That way they learn very young the importance of taking care of their teeth and who is better to teach them about dental hygiene than a professional dentist? So next time you book an appointment, book one for them too!


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