So you need dental implants! What does the procedure is like? | Dental Solutions

So you need dental implants! What does the procedure is like?

So you need dental implants! What does the procedure is like?
November 5th, 2018 | Blog | No comments

Hi everyone, nice weekend to all. Today I want to talk about one of the most popular procedure that we get in Los Algodones, Dental Implants. It is still incredible to this day that many patients all over the world come to our clinic to get the most advanced treatment in dentistry. This helps them to gain a beautiful smile again and to feel better overall. We are more than happy to make our patients dream come true.


Dental implants are really popular due to the fact that they are cheaper here in Los Algodones Mexico than the United States and Canada.  Not only that, we are talking about the best procedure for teeth loss as you can replace a whole denture. No wonders it is one of the most requested treatment for patients and the one we get the most question about. Let’s answer the most frequently asked question about dental implants

How much does dental implants costs?


Their price it is going to depend on several factors, like the clinic that is going to perform the procedure, the brand of the implants, etc. there are many brands out there but keep in mind that you want to look for titanium implants because they do not rust like other metals. If you want an estimate, a single implant can cost around $800 USD each in Los Algodones.  This price does not include crown and abutment.


For more info about our prices in dental implants you can click on our price list page or you can send us an email. Here at Dental Solutions we will be honored and glad to help you solve your doubts so you can get one step closer to your new smile!


How does the timeline look like?


A dental implant can be put in place in a single day. Depending on the treatment, the more implants the patient needs, it can take more time. Treatment such as the all on 4 or all on 6, can take a week to complete due to the many studies the dentist has to make to put the implants in place. For that we use CT Scan technology to see the patient jawbone in 3D so we can asure that the treatment will be a success.


After that we use a special drill that will create the space for the implant. This take barely seconds and the patient will get a dental implant in no time. In case the patient does not have enough bone, a bonegraft will be necessary in order for the jawbone to support the implant. The downside to this is that he or she will have to wait 6 months before coming back for the implant. After the implants, the patient can come back for the crown, bridge or dentures, which take also about 6 months.


Does getting dental implants hurt?


The answer is absolutely not. We use local anesthesia so the patient cannot feel any pain at all. In some cases, by patient request we use IV sedation. This is really useful for those who cannot endure stressful procedure or suffer from nerves. There is no shame in feeling afraid or anxious over dentists, and we just want to take care of your smile.




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