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How you should not brush your teeth. How not to ruin your dental hygiene

How you should not brush your teeth. How not to ruin your dental hygiene
August 28th, 2018 | Blog | No comments

Hello everyone, happy weekend to you all. I hope you are having a nice long weekend of rest just like me. It definitively helps to gain strength to work the next week. So let’s  cover an interesting topic today. I want to point out what things you should not do under any circumstance when brushing. Doing the wrong moves can affect the effectiveness of your dental hygiene, thus ruining your teeth.  So let’s learn together how to brush.


Having a good solid dental hygiene routine is very important. It can break or make an smile because it is its foundation. There are many diseases and things that can affect your teeth and you should always strive to keep them very far from you. The core of all is how are you brushing your teeth. If you fail at this, your beautiful smile will fail as well. That is why I am going to share some awesome tips on how you should not be brushing them.


How you should not brush your teeth


Your teeth are like a business card that you hand people to cause a first impression. The moment you open your mouth, people will stare at your teeth. Having a nice healthy smile can show a lot of yourself to other people. It can show that you are healthy, you care about yourself and those are good traits. Receiving compliments for your smile can boost your confidence tenfold. It occurs the same when we look at the mirror and like what we see.


We always are taught that brushing our teeth is important. But not all of us are taught how to brush properly in order to achieve a good dental hygiene. It sound simple but there is so much more than just using a toothbrush to scrub your teeth. You have to learn proper technique in order to clean your teeth properly. Let’s start on how not to brush your teeth, spoilers, slow is better than faster.


To brush your teeth properly you should not scrub fast. You have to take care of your tooth enamel. And if you brush fast you can wear it, leaving the tooth exposed to bacteria. Besides the chances are that you are not cleaning efficiently. Use slow and gentle strokes to brush your teeth. The results will be mazing. Also, regarding on how many toothpaste you should use, just a bit is enough. You do not need to cover the entire toothbrush with it.


Using half of that is more than enough to brush your teeth. You have to keep in mind that most of toothpastes have substances and chemicals that tend to be abrasive for our teeth. So it is important to not use too much of it and you will be alright. Now, do you know how to take care of your toothbrush?


How you should not take care of your toothbrush


Your toothbrush is your most important tool for dental hygiene. One thing you should always do is store it properly. Always dry it and clean it after using it and store it in a dry place. Never leave it moist because it attracts germs and bacteria. Another thing is to change it every 2 months so you can keep that awesome dental hygiene. On top of that always get soft bristles toothbrush for that maximum comfort and effectiveness.


That is it for today guys, I hope you take care. Remember to visit your dentist twice a year for your regular checkup and cleaning. We are open at Dental Solutions in Los Algodones so do not be shy and make an appointment right now!

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