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Do not do these things if you want white teeth

Do not do these things if you want white teeth
December 10th, 2017 | Blog | No comments

Hello, happy weekend to all of you! I know most of you are reading this article for the same reason. You want white teeth to impress your peer and boost your confidence. Luckily for you, it is an easy thing to do. Getting a white smile it’s about having the right tools at hand, following a good dental hygiene routine. But more importantly, avoiding habits and conducts that can ruin your smile.


Today we are going to discuss a little about the last one. I will try to teach you what habits you have to try to avoid that can ruin your precious smile. The secret to having white teeth is to pay attention to the little details in your routine. You cannot afford to ignore any steps or your smile will suffer the consequences.  If you want white teeth like celebrities, keep reading and apply the following tips!

The right tools, the right habits


As I was saying at first, counting with the right items at your disposal is pretty important too. If you want to work your way to white teeth then make sure you get the basics right. Those are having a good toothbrush, preferably a soft bristle one, dental floss and mouthwash. You can get really good prices at Los Algodones pharmacies. Just make sure to get products with the ADA seal of approval.


Besides this, make sure you commit to a good dental hygiene routine. White teeth won’t appear with magic, it is the result of discipline and will power. Make sure you wash your teeth at least twice a day. Also, do not forget to clean them after every meal, especially if you consume a lot of sugar.


On the same note, remember to wash your teeth after certain foods. Things like sodas, coffee, tobacco tends to be really bad for your teeth. They can stain your teeth pretty badly if you leave it sit there and don’t do anything about it. Remember, rinsing is not enough, wash them carefully and you will be one step closer to white teeth.

Things you want to definitively avoid to have white teeth


Now we enter the meat of this article. What exactly you have to avoid if you want whiter teeth? You will be surprised on how simple is the answer. Just as I said on the beginning, you have to avoid neglecting your dental hygiene. With this first step your teeth will be pretty nice and healthy.


I also foreshadowed another thing to avoid, and that is certain food. Drinks like sodas, wine, coffee, can stain your teeth pretty badly. Try to avoid them, but if you are like me and have a weak spot for them, then clean your teeth as soon as possible. The same thing goes for candies, sugar and such, lower their consumption and clean your teeth after.


Just like above, you want to quit smoking and abuse alcohol. Those substances are really abrasive to your teeth. They can ruin your smile by stain it and by wearing down the enamel. Without enamel your teeth will lose all color and protection against caries and bacteria. In the worst case scenario it will end in tooth loss.


The final thing to avoid is to stop going to the dentist. It sounds simple and easy to do, but you will be surprised to know that many people do not go enough to the dentist. Going for regular cleaning and checkup twice a year can do wonders to your smile. So if you want white teeth and save money, visit us at Dental Solutions in Los Algodones Mexico.



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