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Problems with bad breath? Don’t worry, we’ll help you!

October 29th, 2018 | Blog | No comments

Hi everyone and welcome to today’s article, I want to address common bad breath problems and how to solve it. It is kinda impressive how many patients have this problems, it is natural to worry about this. Our breath can bring people closer to us or scare them away. Besides it is a reflection of our dental hygiene and health. If you suffer from bad breath, do not worry no more, after reading this your breath game will improve.


We are not going to list some crazy solutions. It is all easy and common fixes and habits that will eliminate bad breath from your life. So you do not have to worry about to get some crazy ingredients or expensive items. Most of these tips you can apply them or do at home. Keep in mind that the secret for a good dental hygiene is discipline and consistency. You have to put some effort into it if you want to succeed.

Get rid of bad breath at home


First of all you have to create a good dental hygiene routine. You can start by brushing your teeth 3 times a days, after every meal. That way your teeth well be really clean, remember to use gentle and slow strokes rather than faster ones. You want to clean your teeth but also protect your tooth enamel. After brushing your teeth use dental floss to get rid of those pesky food debris. Rinse away with mouthwash and your dental hygiene routine will be complete.


Now a golden tip is to avoid using mouthwash with alcohol at night before sleeping. Some mouthwash tend to fail at keeping a fresh breath overnight so in the mourning you will have a fault breath again. To avoid this get the right mouthwash and your breath will be really fresh. One thing to consider to have better breath is to watch what we eat.


What to eat to avoid bad breath


Some foods and drink are better than other to improve your breath. Fruits and vegetables for example, are really good. But oils, fat and sugar tends to give us such a bad breath. The key thing here is to keep a balance. Try to reduce the amount of sugar you ingest and your teeth will show the results. Apples and pears are really good natural cleanser for a healthy smile and breath.


What you definitively cannot consume is cigarettes and tobacco. Those are real bad for your health and breath. So please avoid smoking to get rid of bad breath as soon as possible and improve your life. I know it can be difficult  but it is very doable. Another tip is to chew sugarless gum so you can improve your saliva production to clean your teeth and avoid bad breath. Also drinking lots of water can help with this too.


Finally a good cleaning at your dentist will seal the deal for a nice breath. Other problems that can affect your breath like gingivitis and such cannot be solved at home. You have to visit your dentist to treat them and here at Denal Solutions in Los Algodones will be more than happy to help you, making an appointment is easy you just have to click above and fill the form. Save more than 50% of US prices in dental now!


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