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Pros and cons of drinking coffee

Pros and cons of drinking coffee
September 26th, 2020 | Blog | No comments

Hello guys, welcome to another entry on this awesome blog. Hope you are staying safe at home. I know it can be boring but we will come up on top. So be patient and keep taking care of those beautiful teeth. I want to talk again about coffee because I really like drinking it. Many patients ask me if it is good to drink it daily. Today I will teach you about some of the pros and cons of drinking this caffeinated beverage.

Pros of drinking coffee

Let’s begin with the good things of drinking. Drinking coffee can give you lots of energy, it helps with focus and concentration. If you want to add that boost on your day a cup a day will be sufficient. It is not only delicious, but it contains vitamins that are good for your body, including your teeth.

You can mol your daily coffee as you want, with sugar, cream, hot or cold. This adds versatility to the drink that can be fun and even addictive. But you have to take in mind that everything in excess can be harmful, so be careful.

The bad news

Which brings us to the next topic. Coffee is delicious and useful but drinking more than a cup a day can be very bad for your teeth. By itself it can stain your teeth really easily. If you add cream and sugar it weakens your teeth and can cause caries and such. So even if you drink only one cup a day you should practice a good dental hygiene at home.

now you know guys why is it bad to drink so much cofee a day. Limit to one cup daily and you will be great. Remenber to practice a good dental hygiene to keep those teeth nice and healthy! See you on the next blog.

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