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Pros and cons of the All on 6 implant treatment

Pros and cons of the All on 6 implant treatment
July 10th, 2018 | Blog | No comments

Hi everyone! Today I want to discuss about an overlooked method for restoring missing teeth. Most patients tend to ignore the All on 6 treatment when they think about dental implants. But it is just as useful as and better than other procedures because it can bring more security to the table.


As a general rule, the all on 6 is great for patients who are missing most of their teeth. If the bone in the jaw is not enough to support the implants, then the dentist will use bone graft to even the jawbone structure.


What differentiate the All on 6 treatment from other implant procedure is that having more six implants the weight will have much better distribution. This end up bringing to the patient a reliable and sturdy structure that will support the denture thanks to the implants.

Pros of the All on 6 Treatment


The procedure is less expensive than other permanent solutions if what you want is to replace all your teeth. This makes it one of the most budget friendly alternative solutions for some patients.


Another thing is that it is nice and easy. The procedure itself is quick and painless, you won’t feel a thing. The whole all on 6 can be done within a matter of hours, and the surgical intervention is minimal. The patient does no need to spend lot of time in the chair compared to other surgical procedures.


This is so cool because you can get a complete set of implant in a day. The recovery time is relatively short, just 6 months is more than enough to comeback for the dentures. In the meantime you will get a set of temporary dentures. Remember to always follow your dentist0s instruction



Cons of the All on 6 Treatment


Not everything in rose colored in life. Some of the disadvantages of the all on 6 can turn off some patient to get this procedure. In the end it is a matter of preference. Make sure to consult with your dentist every decision to make the right one for your dental health.

One of the cons it’s the bone graft. Patient without enough bone will need a bone graft to fill the gaps. This can mean a setback of at least 6 months before getting the implants. For these patients they will need a lot of patient to endure a year before they complete the all on 6 treatment.


It can turn out expensive for some patient. The cost of the all on 6 is inherited more expensive than the all on 4 because it uses more implants. That is many turns they head toward all on 4 before considering all on 6. Budget vs reliability is the best way I can think of putting this situation.


If you are looking for great deals and prices for all on 6 or all on 4 send us a message or give us a call to know more about prices and details. We are located in Los Algodones Mexico and have excellent implantologists with 1100% success rate. Besides, we speak English fluently and form part of the ADA so you can only expect the same standards as the United State.

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