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Do you really need a tongue scraper?

Do you really need a tongue scraper?
February 17th, 2018 | Blog | No comments

The tongue is a muscle that usually does not receive enough attention when we talk about oral care. You would be surprised to know that in fact, the tongue plays a huge role when we look at dental hygiene. You see, tongues are not just for talking or eating, they serve a purpose far more meaningful and today I am going to try to explain why.


As I stated above the tongue is a muscle. This muscle has special tissue such as the taste buds or lingual papilla. They are responsible for our taste sense and they have to be taken care of. Because of their anatomy, they can attract many germs and bacteria that can affect your oral health. This alone should be enough reason for you to start cleaning it more often.


Benefits of cleaning your tongue

Cleaning your tongue can make it not only feel healthy but look healthy also. When it is dirty is not going to have that vibrant pink color. Instead, it will look discolored, with a white coat of debris and microorganism. Those are some clear sign that it is dirty and by cleaning it you will get rid of this problem and sport a good looking tongue.


But aesthetics are not all of the business. Bad breath comes with a unhealthy tongue. Sometimes some patients don’t realize that the problem with their breath is that they are not properly cleaning their mouth. Stay tune for some tips on how to clean it perfectly so you don’t deal with bad breath anymore.


Because tongue can be the home for several bacteria and other agents, they can make your teeth vulnerable to other diseases. Cleaning it can help you to avoid some bullets like periodontal disease, dental caries and even halitosis. I bet you did not know how important your tongue was for your teeth!

How to properly clean your tongue


Many patients use their toothbrush alone to clean tit. Again, this can be a mistake because not all toothbrushes are made for cleaning tongues. Usually if they come with a scraper on the back they can safely be used to clean your tongue. But if they don’t you will be better getting a tongue scrapper for that. The soft bristles of your toothbrush is not enough for cleaning your tongue nicely.


Even so you should use mouthwash to rinse your mouth after brushing to add that extra necessary for a perfect smile. Keep in mind that scrapping it can cause some side effects such as gag reflects. To avoid this, clean it with an empty stomach and avoid doing I so far. Scraping just the surface is enough.


Last but not least, consult with a dentist to checkup on your mouth and teeth and everything is ok. Remember to go every 6 months to get a proper cleaning tooth. If you budget is a problem there is no excuse, Dental Solutions in Los Algodones Mexico has great prices for you and your family. We got a staff fluent in English and excellent specialist to tackle any dental need that you may have so you can smile again!

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