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How to recover properly after an oral surgery

How to recover properly after an oral surgery
October 20th, 2018 | Blog | No comments

There are numerous reasons why a patient can be in the need of oral surgery. You cannot begin to imagine how many reasons they have to take into account to make that decision. It can be due an impacted tooth that is stuck in the jawbone or a bad positioned tooth, compromising adjacent teeth.  These are some of the most common reasons in Los Agodones Mexico.


It is fairly common to have these types of problems with impacted wisdom teeth. Also oral surgery is necessary to install dental implants in patients and to treat some gums affection such as periodontal disease. After oral surgery it is normal that the area treated is tender and sensitive for the first days. It is important to take good care during the healing period so the surgery ends in success. Most of the responsibility rest in the patient’s hands.


What to do to recover from oral surgery


For starters, take it easy after the day of the oral surgery and try to rest. There is no shame if you want to lie down and rest most of the time. For the first night after the surgery, I suggest to keep your head well rested over pillows to avoid stress and excess pain from swelling.

Apply ice packs to your cheeks for periods of15 minutes or so will help to reduce swelling and pain. Do this during the recovery time and you’ll feel a lot better. Remember that ice help to numb the area, allowing enduring the discomfort.

Keep your mouth clean to avoid infections. After the first day of oral surgery, you can gently rinse using warm water with a pinch of salt. Rinse after every meal and make sure to remove food debris, especially near the surgical area. Leaving it be can ruin all the hard work done by the surgery.

What to avoid when recovering from oral surgery


Don’t do any kind of work. Just rest and avoid moving around too much. You will need to take some days off from work so you can heal properly. It is not advisable at all to do any kind of heavy work or exercise. Rest at least two to three days after oral surgery, but you should always consult with your dentists first.

Avoid hot foods and drinks during the healing period. You won’t feel any pain while you’re numb from the surgery and that can be really dangerous. It can cause burn or far worse injuries if you are not careful enough.

Don’t try to light a single cigarette. Smoking can ruin the healing process and can cause many complications that can put the surgery at jeopardy. It can lead to some nasty infections. The same goes to drinking alcohol, it can interrupt the healing process, so stay far from bars.

Remember to always follow the aftercare instructions provided your dentist. That way you will heal in no time and without any problem at all. However, you should call your dentist immediately if you experience any kind of discomfort such as excessive bleeding, swelling, or pain.


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