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Are sedatives that necessary for dental procedures?

Are sedatives that necessary for dental procedures?
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Hi everyone and welcome to today’s entry. I want to discuss a little with you guys something I get asked often by some patients. It is about sedation in dental procedures. It seems that there are some misunderstandings regarding the use of sedation when we are at the dentist. Is it that important or mandatory for us to be sedated while in the dentist’s chair? Today I will try to shed some light on the matter.


Sedatives are part of the dental industry. It is very important for us that our patients do not experience any pain at all. This makes it a ton easier to work for us the dentists because without any anesthetics the patients would probably move a lot. And it makes it easier for the patient because the pain would be so unbearable. Thanks to modern medicine and science we do not have to butcher our way around like a century or two ago.


That is why I want to address about the use of anesthetics, so you can know more the next time you visit your dentists. Speaking of dentists, make sure to send us a message or giving us a call to know more about prices. We at Dental Solutions Los Algodones follow only United State standards, more exactly, ADA standards. So you can only expect top quality dental treatment at less cost. It is really easy to set up an appointment with us, give it a try now!

Sedatives before the dental procedure


Now let’s get back into business. There are many options for patients before the procedure begin. The most common option is to use local anesthesia. It is so versatile because the patient remains conscious during the whole procedure. This makes it a safe bet for small procedures or short amount of time. The curious thing about local anesthesia is that many patients seem to be afraid of that.


The truth is that local anesthesia is just as powerful and effective just as any other sedative. The most you can feel is rocking movements when extracting and such. Other than that you won´t feel a thing. Although it is understandable that this may cause some discomfort to some patients, you do not have to worry about feeling pain. For more complicated procedures  IV sedation is a must, and here is why.


IV sedation, just like any surgery, sleep the patient during the procedure. This is used for dental surgery because it is not a good idea to leave the patient conscious during the procedure. This is used for dentist to work more comfortable. In present day, any patient can request full sedation for any treatment if they wish. Not everyone can feel calm and collected during dental procedures, but keep in mind that the cost of IV sedation is an extra expense.


Sedatives after the procedure


After you leave the dental clinic it is pretty normal to feel some of the effects of the sedatives and anesthesia. Your dentists should give you some clear instructions about what to do and don´s so you won´t get in trouble. For example, avoid driving or eating, especially too cold or to hot consumables. Trust me it is for your own good.  Depending on the treatment done, you can get prescription meds to soothe the pain.


Remember to follow the instruction of your dentists and never medicate on your own. If you wish to get cheap prescription meds, you can find them at Los Algodones pharmacies. But keep in mind that you need a receipt from a US doctor or dentists to cross the border with them.

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